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Daniel Tatman - The Bath Mystery's: Geomancy, Lay Lines, Organic & Fractal Architecture
July 24, 2008
Architect and author of, "The Bath Mystery's" joins us for an excellent program on geomancy, lay lines & organic/fractal architecture. More Topics Discussed: the Egyptian connection, sacred science, symbolism, Egyptian architecture, geomancy, telluric lines, astrological geomancy, dowsing, Hamish Miller, Paul Broadhurst, Michael and Mary lines, David Talbot, female & male Lay Lines, Djed & Tyet, square & circle, freemasonic geomancy, unbalanced cities, Norman Foster, straw bale houses, proportions & ratios, caduceus, ankh, freemasonic mark, steganography, Johannes Trithemius, Francis Bacon, Geomancy of churches, Tom Brooks, the Pythagorean triangle of Britain & the Queen's coronation.


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Agrippa's Geomancy

Magnet Dipole

From Tom Brooks - The Hand of Man

The Pythagorean Triangle of Britain

Books & DVDs
Secrets, Spies and 7/7

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