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Daniel Tatman - The Bath Mystery's: Background & Architecture
May 25, 2008
Architect, researcher and author of "The Bath Mystery's" Daniel Tatman comes on the show to discuss Bath, England. He opens up talking about his grandfather who inspired his research. Other Topics Discussed: Order of the British Empire, Order of Bath, the British Crown, empire expansion, Nigeria, oil, resources, Freemasonry and other orders, Masonic library research, Alan T Greenfield, ciphers, initiation rituals, degrees, structure of Freemasonry and much more. Join us for an interesting and important continuation of our program with Daniel Tatman as we go deeper into the architecture of Bath and other cities. We also discuss the Neo-Platonic and Palladian style, where they originate from and the connection with different ideologies. Additionally, we talk about Masonic cornerstone markings and various measurements. More Topics Discussed: Victoria Art Gallery, obelisk in Amsterdam, properties of sandstone and Lime stone, vortex spirals, acoustics, resonance, lay lines, earth grid energy, Osirion, Thebes, Venice, The White House and Royal Crescent. We end the show talking about individual interpretation of knowledge and how it awakens and empowers.


Relevant links
The Circus
Origins and False - Hoods

Order of the British Empire

Order of the Bath

More pictures of Bath (Panorama): bath360.co.uk

Bath, Somerset

Bath Stone

Geoffrey of Monmouth

John Wood, the Elder

History The Lost Gods - The Celts (Video)

More Pictures of the Circus

Below are some photos of Daniel Tatman's Grandfather George Bucknell
He was made okkakuro of mosogar in the niger delta in Nigeria. On one shot he is with a crowd of Africans coming from the initiationo on another with the high chief of the area and also together with other elders of the region.

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