About Red Ice Creations
Origins, Host & Crew

Red Ice Creations is an independent radio program and news website headquartered on the west coast of Sweden, in the heart of Scandinavia. Red Ice Radio is hosted by Henrik Palmgren. We feature interviews and programs on a wide variety of topics. We are dedicated to thought provoking material, questioning the establishment of our times.

We seek truth and accuracy in the topics we cover. We discuss history, geopolitics, subversive movements, human nature, conspiracies, hidden agendas and sinister political ideologies. We expose the plans designed to make us malleable and easier to control. We analyze the enforcement of the "religion" of our times: pathological political correctness, cultural marxism and multiculturalism. We also cover health issues, out of control government, the application of technology and psuedo science on society, psychological conditioning, propaganda and manipulation. We also analyze the failures of the New Age and Abrahamic religions as opposed to the native heritage, culture and traditions of Europeans and other people.

Red Ice releases three programs a week, this includes Radio 3Fourteen with Lana Lokteff, a bi-weekley program. Additionally, we produce other videos and commentary. Redicecreations.com and redicemembers.com was founded by Henrik Palmgren. The team also includes Fredrik Tormann, Lana Lokteff and Franklin John Kale.

Why the name Red Ice?

The idea for Red Ice first formed in 2000-2001. In the beginning the website was a video, graphics and music project but quickly grew into a pursuit of the truth. The name Red Ice has a lot of different symbolic meanings. Red Ice represents hot and cold, red and blue, north and south, non-physical and physical, basically two opposites. Not from a Marxist dialectic point of view, but from a perspective of creation. "Red" has nothing to do with the political association which the color holds today. The Norse creation myth tells how everything in the world came into existence in the gap between fire and ice. This is the essence of the name. Red represents heat, urgency and danger - short-term. Ice represents cold, patience and stability - long-term. Creation (Ginnungagap) takes place in the right zone between these two powerful forces. A perfect balance between these two extremes creates the conditions for life and consequently it's in this environment that we can thrive. The explosive power of the sun and the coldness of space creates a balance. We wouldn't be here if one overpowered the other.

Henrik Palmgren

Host, Researcher, Filmmaker & Editor-In-Chief

Henrik Palmgren is the host of Red Ice Radio and Editor-in-Chief of redicecreations.com. He is a graphic designer, animator, webmaster, musician and filmmaker with a media education background.

Henrik was born in Götaland (Geatland), the land of the Goths, today known as Sweden in Scandinavia. He has always had a deep desire to know. He is not afraid to tackle controversy and go where it's necessary to expose our hidden history and the roots of corruption. The truth might not always be comfortable, but it's too importnat to ignore. It is his own search into these topics that sparked Red Ice.

Connect with Henrik:
henrikpalmgren.com | Twitter | Google+ | Facebook | Facebook II

Fredrik Tormann

Producer & Audio Engineer

Fredrik is an audio engineer and mixer. He also handles customer support, administration and contributes sporadically to our websites.

Fredrik is also a musician and artist who works on various film projects.

Lana Lokteff

Lana was born of Russian American ancestry. Ever since she can remember, she has been interested in the unusual. Because of her interest in metaphysical concepts, Lana majored in physics and minored in philosophy, hoping to find the bridge between the two worlds, only to become disappointed by the accepted curriculum. Lana left school to pursue an artistic path in music, film and writing. Presently, she is the hostess of Radio 3Fourteen and Contributor to Red Ice Creations. She can be contacted at: lana (at) redicecreations (dot) com.

Franklin Kale

Digital Media Specialist & Web

Franklin Kale is an artist, digital alchemist, writer, musician and explorer. He comes from German, Scottish and Irish stock who is an American proudly from the South.

Franklin works as a Digital Media Specialist on everything from web updates, film editing to graphic design and more. He also helps with research and outlining other creative special projects.

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