About Red Ice Creations
Origins, Host & Crew

Red Ice Creations is an independent radio program and news website headquartered out of the west coast of Sweden, Scandinavia. Red Ice Radio is hosted by filmmaker and researcher Henrik Palmgren. We feature interviews and programs on a wide variety of topics that we find to be among the most interesting and important. We are dedicated to bring our listeners, viewers and readers diverse research, opinion and knowledge in many different fields. Our approach is designed to allow our audience to judge the material, that our guests presents, for themselves. If you are - as we encourage - engaged in the material, connect the dots and think for yourself, then we believe that this approach holds tremendous value and allows you to get "closer" to the source of the work and research we discuss.

Bi-weekley, you can hear Radio 3Fourteen with Lana Lokteff. Additionally, we also produce Red Ice TV, Red Ice Insight, other videos, films, music and commentaries wherein many of our own opinions and much of our own research is presented. Redicecreations.com and Redicemembers.com was founded by Henrik Palmgren, and is today also operated by Fredrik Palmgren, Lana Lokteff, Elizabeth Leafloor and John Kale.

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Henrik Palmgren

Host, Researcher, Filmmaker & Editor-In-Chief

Henrik Palmgren is the host of Red Ice Radio and editor-in-chief of redicecreations.com since the starts in 2001. He is also the producer or Red Ice Insight and co-producer of Red Ice TV. He is involved in a number of film and research projects. His first public speaking presentation was on the Hidden Roots of the European Union in Bath, UK in 2010. Beyond being the driving force behind the philosophical discourse that is Red Ice, Henrik Palmgren is also the graphics designer, animator and musician, who create most of the graphics, video animations and music for Red Ice projects and the websites.

Henrik was born in Götaland (Geatland), the land of the Goths, today known as Sweden in Scandinavia. He has always had a deep desire to know and to understand what really is happening on this planet. He continues to seek answers to the more profound questions, he’s not afraid to tackle controversy and go into the darker areas in order to expose the roots of our hidden history and the many problems and corruption we face. The truth might not be comfortable and the authentic answers can something be difficult to face. Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we really going? It is his own search into these topics that sparked the creation of Red Ice.

Fredrik Palmgren

Producer & Audio Engineer
Big Brother in the control room

Fredrik is the producer of Red Ice Radio and handles communications, administration and contributes sporadically to the website with writings.

Fredrik is a Musician, Artist, Writer, and is currently working with Red Ice Radio, Film Productions and Music Projects.

Lana Lokteff

Lana was born of Russian American ancestry. Ever since she can remember, she has been interested in the mysterious and the unexplainable. Because of her interest in metaphysical concepts, Lana majored in physics and minored in philosophy, hoping to find the bridge between the two worlds, only to become disappointed by the accepted curriculum. Lana left school to pursue an artistic path in music, film and writing. Today, she is the hostess of Radio 3Fourteen, Co-producer of Red Ice TV and Editor of the free Red Ice Newsletter. She also contributes to commentaries and writes health articles. She can be contacted at: lana (at) redicecreations (dot) com.

Elizabeth Leafloor

Staff Writer, News Editor

Elizabeth joined Red Ice Creations in 2009, having a background in the news media and graphics industries. She has covered issues ranging from history, geopolitics and modern warfare to unknown mysteries, occultism, conspiracies, and weird science. She's drawn to the hidden and absurd, and seeks to bring wider exposure and understanding of the important topics that get lost in (or buried by) the mainstream.

Elizabeth writes articles for Red Ice Creations, posts news stories, comments on issues, creates illustrations for the news, and graphics for the site.

She can be reached at: leafloor (dot) ric (at) gmail (dot) com for news, feedback, questions, or concerns.

John Kale

Digital Media Specialist & Web

John has been a seeker his entire life. Whether its conspiracy, spiritual truths, or the supernatural John has been one not afraid to look under the rug to explore and discover.

John is an artist who’s utilized every format he can touch to be creative, grow as a person, and to explore this strange reality called Life.

John works for Red Ice Creations as a Digital Media Specialist working on everything from web updates, film editing to graphic design, and more. He also helps with research and outlining other creative special projects.

John can be reached at john (at) redicecreations (dot) com

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Mission Statement / Disclaimer

What is it all about?

Red Ice Creations is a Coincidentia oppositorum, a unity of opposites. Our attempt is to awaken the sleeper to a greater reality and to broaden the perspective of the curious minded. Red Ice is for those who want to explore the mindscape and listen to aspects that will push the boundaries of their own perception and thoughts.

It’s not about agreeing or believing. It’s about understanding and learning.

Red Ice is a platform where researchers, authors, journalists, filmmakers and thinkers can share their work, perspective, theories and testimony with you, our audience. We focus on a wide variety of subjects that we consider to be important, interesting, intriguing an essential. The topics we cover span between "down to earth" and "out there," from the exoteric and provable to the esoteric and more elusive in nature. Some of the programs you’ll hear will be more difficult to prove with data and research, while other programs will be much easier to footnote and verify. We’re not afraid of uncertainty or the unknown. This means that we do not veer away from a subject just because it’s more difficult to prove or because it’s not documented. We believe in using both rationality and intuition, to come closer to the truth.

We are prepared to go anywhere in the search for answers to many of the questions we have. Our intent is to find the truth ...and what the truth is, is a matter of debate. We believe that by listening to those who both have done their homework and those that have the ability to think outside the box – we can get the synapses firing and go into new and unknown territories to conspider new facts and theories. If we want to grow and learn, this is where we need to go to push the boundaries.

In this process of listening we can discover new perspectives and gain understanding about things we previously did not contemplate or consider. Research, science and data is certainly important aspects but opinion and personal perspective is an equally important addition in the process of discovering the truth. We consider life to be more than just materialistic and "provable" facts set by the standards of a dogmatic scientific field that grew out from calvinism and naturalists steeped deep in protestantism. There are elements of philosophy, contemplation and thought that we never will be able to prove, but they can be equally, if not even more, effective when it comes to open your eyes to new possibilities and help to widen your perspective. That is why we discuss these topics and allow for a very open debate, even if "we" (who produce the program) believe in them or not.

If you find yourself disagreeing with some of our guests, great! To agree is not the point. We say: take and incorporate what you can, examine the rest.

If you find yourself disagreeing, question then instead why you consider that you have the "superior perspective." Why do you disagree? Why are you right and the other person wrong? Examine your own knowledge and beliefs. Question them. We can learn from everyone, especially those we don’t agree with.

This is why we offer such a wide variety of perspectives, subjects and guests. An attempt to offer you a "smörgåsbord" of candy for the mind, a diverse platter with all kinds of subjects that we believe you can both benefit from but also grow by learning more about.

Planet Earth and our universe are filled mysteries waiting to be discovered and understood. One of our many objectives is to investigate these mysteries and the researchers who claim that they have answers to these mysteries. Our objective is to let our guests speak their mind and present their point of view and research so that we can understand them. If we don’t understand them, we can neither agree nor disagree. Therefore, the purpose of Red Ice Radio is to listen and learn and so that we can understand why we agree (or not) with a point of view, a concept or an idea.

We are interested in attaining a balanced point of view, listening to different sides of the story – across the spectrum. If we are interested in true understanding, the more data we have the better it is and only then can we make good decisions and come to a conclusion and examine the contraditions. We are not afraid to present the facts when we have them and to speculate when we need to. We encourage contemplating multiple possibilities and multiple answers. Keep an open mind and use your rationality. One does not exclude the other.

What we offer is an alternative to the left-right polarized and controlled mainstream media that presents only a very narrow perspective. In our view, we are not in a position to say what subjects are more important than others or what you should think about the material that is presented but we select certain subjects because of our own interest in them, but we do encourage you - our listeners and viewers - to recommend guests and topics so that we can all expand on our knowledge.

Red Ice is 100% independent. We are not funded by any organization, religious group, outside individual, political party or ideology. We are not on any radio network, therefore we are not censored. We can discuss what we want. Our website and everything we produce is free from advertisements and commercial interruptions. We have no blinking banners on the wesbite and we’re not trying to sell you anything else then diverse opinion and research. Our program is listener supported.

We are free thinkers, truth seekers and philosophers. Freedom of thought and freedom of speech is one of our highest values. There is nothing more important than being able to have the freedom to pursue our own truth.

If you don’t like our point of view or any of our guests point of view ...good for you, but it doesn't really matter. We encourage you to respect those who hold different opinions than yourself. Let people think what they want to think, regardlesss of what you think. We encourage you to stop trying to control what other people think or believe and start trusting in peoples own ability to "figure it out" and use their own discernment, rationality and ability to come to their own conclusions, in due time. We believe that most of our experiences are subjective in the current human form that we are limited to. Although there is an omnipotent objective truth, if we are restricted to our senses and other people's testimony to describe this truth, then it needs to be taken with a grain of salt as both perception and recollection is limited. True transformation and awakening is something that is driven from within the individual. Change yourself ...and you'll change the world. Don't worry about everyone else, worry about yourself! So often, people who are convinced that they hold "the truth" and nothing but the truth becomes a collectivist fascist who is obsessed with what everyone else thinks as opposed to being concerend with themselves.

If you intend to criticize us for whatever you happen to disagree with, then make sure to make the criticism constructive. Learn how to communicate.

We very much encourage tips and hints on potential factual errors.

Our aim is to provide diverse research material and opinion. Whether we at Red Ice agrees with every guest and their opinion or not is not the point, it's about what you think.

Some useful quotes to keep in mind as you listen:

"Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater."
"Don’t shoot the messenger."
"I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief"

Red Ice Creations doesn’t necessarily agree with the guests we interview or their opinions.