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Red Ice Creations is an independent radio program and news website headquartered out of the west coast of Sweden, Scandinavia. Red Ice Radio is hosted by filmmaker and researcher Henrik Palmgren. We feature interviews and programs on a wide variety of topics that we find to be among the most interesting and important. We are dedicated to bring our listeners, viewers and readers diverse research, opinion and knowledge in many different fields. Our approach is designed to allow our audience to judge the material, that our guests presents, for themselves. If you are - as we encourage - engaged in the material, connect the dots and think for yourself, then we believe that this approach holds tremendous value and allows you to get "closer" to the source of the work and research we discuss.

Bi-weekley, you can hear Radio 3Fourteen with Lana Lokteff. Additionally, we also produce Red Ice TV, Red Ice Insight, other videos, films, music and commentaries wherein many of our own opinions and much of our own research is presented. Redicecreations.com and Redicemembers.com was founded by Henrik Palmgren, and is today also operated by Fredrik Palmgren, Lana Lokteff, Elizabeth Leafloor and John Kale.

To get the most out of what Red Ice has to offer, a Red Ice membership gives you full access to all our archives with radio programs, TV episodes, Insight, videos, films, music and audio commentary.

Henrik Palmgren

Host, Researcher, Filmmaker & Editor-In-Chief

Henrik Palmgren is the host of Red Ice Radio and editor-in-chief of redicecreations.com since the starts in 2001. He is also the producer or Red Ice Insight and co-producer of Red Ice TV. He is involved in a number of film and research projects. His first public speaking presentation was on the Hidden Roots of the European Union in Bath, UK in 2010. Beyond being the driving force behind the philosophical discourse that is Red Ice, Henrik Palmgren is also the graphics designer, animator and musician, who create most of the graphics, video animations and music for Red Ice projects and the websites.

Henrik was born in Götaland (Geatland), the land of the Goths, today known as Sweden in Scandinavia. He has always had a deep desire to know and to understand what really is happening on this planet. He continues to seek answers to the more profound questions, he’s not afraid to tackle controversy and go into the darker areas in order to expose the roots of our hidden history and the many problems and corruption we face. The truth might not be comfortable and the authentic answers can something be difficult to face. Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we really going? It is his own search into these topics that sparked the creation of Red Ice.

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Fredrik Palmgren

Producer & Audio Engineer
Big Brother in the control room

Fredrik is the producer of Red Ice Radio and handles communications, administration and contributes sporadically to the website with writings.

Fredrik is a Musician, Artist, Writer, and is currently working with Red Ice Radio, Film Productions and Music Projects.

Lana Lokteff

Lana was born of Russian American ancestry. Ever since she can remember, she has been interested in the unusual. Because of her interest in metaphysical concepts, Lana majored in physics and minored in philosophy, hoping to find the bridge between the two worlds, only to become disappointed by the accepted curriculum. Lana left school to pursue an artistic path in music, film and writing. Presently, she is the hostess of Radio 3Fourteen and Contributor to Red Ice Creations. She also contributes to commentaries and writes health articles. She can be contacted at: lana (at) redicecreations (dot) com.

Elizabeth Leafloor

Staff Writer, News Editor

Elizabeth joined Red Ice Creations in 2009, having a background in the news media and graphics industries. She has covered issues ranging from history, geopolitics and modern warfare to unknown mysteries, occultism, conspiracies, and weird science. She's drawn to the hidden and absurd, and seeks to bring wider exposure and understanding of the important topics that get lost in (or buried by) the mainstream.

Elizabeth writes articles for Red Ice Creations, posts news stories, comments on issues, creates illustrations for the news, and graphics for the site.

She can be reached at: leafloor (dot) ric (at) gmail (dot) com for news, feedback, questions, or concerns.

John Kale

Digital Media Specialist & Web

John has been a seeker his entire life. Whether its conspiracy, spiritual truths, or the supernatural John has been one not afraid to look under the rug to explore and discover.

John is an artist who’s utilized every format he can touch to be creative, grow as a person, and to explore this strange reality called Life.

John works for Red Ice Creations as a Digital Media Specialist working on everything from web updates, film editing to graphic design, and more. He also helps with research and outlining other creative special projects.

John can be reached at john (at) redicecreations (dot) com

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