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Insight - Capture the Flag: Rebels & Rainbows
July 2, 2015
The White House turned into a rainbow as the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide, bypassing state sovereignty. While the country is wooed with rainbow magic, have they now forgiven the government of their many trespasses? How concerned are they about human rights, while removing the Confederate flag in the south? Tearing down one symbol and lifting up another is not about tolerance and love, it's about hate. It's not about equality, it's about revenge. This is a campaign of hate, cloaked in rainbows.


Greece votes No: The European Union is dying before our eyes
It is not just disaffected pensioners: young Greeks have worked out that they do not need the bloated EU

Despite the scaremongering and bullying from those in Brussels, we are waking today with Greece having delivered a resounding No.

  • 28 Years Later Trailer
  • Gays Rights May Open Door For Pedophile Rights
  • Government Trolls Are Using ‘Psychology-Based Influence Techniques’ On YouTube, Facebook And Twitter
  • Artificial Intelligence Takes the Battlefield: Who Is Really Running Jade Helm 15?
  • Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany
  • Gay Marriage Ruling Renews Debate Over Legalizing Polygamy
  • MOD to release UK's top secret UFO 'X-Files' that 'could prove aliens exist'
  • Census: White People Quickly Dying Off in the USA
  • Lightning might have caused South Carolina church fire, FBI says
  • Did anti-White policies lead to the Charleston shooting?
  • Walmart Makes ISIS Flag, but they will NOT make a Confederate Flag
  • The Guardian's Dean Burnett: "Old men should be banned from science"
  • KKK plans SC State House rally
  • Valerie Jarrett Organized White House Rainbow Lights
  • #TakeUsDown
  • Girl, 13, Arrested For Vicious Videotaped Attack On Classmate, Young Boy
  • Europe's big guns warn Greek voters that a no vote means euro exit
  • 9 Side Effects From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Phenomenon
  • New Jersey man arrested in ISIS conspiracy: federal court documents
  • That was fast: Yesterday it was gay marriage; Now look who wants “equal rights”
  • U.S. Jews among biggest backers of same-sex marriage, data show
  • Greeks hit by closed banks, warnings from eurozone
  • NASA cuts live video transmission as THREE UFOs fly past Earth
  • Why We’re Headed Toward A “Cashless Society”
  • The individual vs. collective mind control
  • PC enforces Apple follow suit: Removes All American Civil War Games From the App Store Because of the Confederate Flag
  • Police Attacked by Mob in Cincinnati, Rescue White Man from Black Beatdown
    2015-07-07 0:28
    Cincinnati police form a line against mob violence July 4, 2015. Photo: Cincy vs Everyone Fireworks, rocks, bottles and punches were thrown at Cincinnati police by a mob of people gathered for a Fourth of July hip hop and electronica concert late Saturday night. Several officers were wounded including one who needed stitches after a thrown glass bottle struck him in ...
    California Rabbi Calls on Amazon to Cease Selling Books on Holocaust Denial
    2015-07-07 0:47
    A Sacramento rabbi has called on Amazon to ban the sale of books promoting Holocaust denial, CBS Sacramento reported on Friday. “Blatant anti-Semitism,” said Sacramento Rabbi Mendy Cohen, according to the report. “To deny the Holocaust is another mask of blatant anti-Semitism.” Among the books for sale to Amazon customers are titles such as Did Six Million Die? The Truth at Last and The Myth ...
    Inna Shevchenko: Naked Breasts Are Political Weapons
    2015-07-06 23:46
    Inna Shevchenko, the leader of the Femen movement, is not an obscure individual in Europe and much of the Western world. She once bragged: “I’m proud to say we brought the idea of feminism and women’s rights to a politically ignorant part of the world like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. And I’m proud to say I think we brought feminism back on to ...
    Cleric said to be behind Tunisian beach massacre is living on benefits in Britain
    2015-07-06 23:11
    Cleric said to be behind Tunisian beach massacre is living on benefits in Britain A leader of the terrorist group suspected of being behind the Tunisian beach massacre is living on benefits in Britain. Hani al-Sibai, an al-Qaeda cleric suspected of radicalising "Jihadi John", lives in a £1 million house leafy street in fashionable west London. He is said to be one of ...
    Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak Out
    2015-07-06 23:57
    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));A Daily Signal Exclusive: Bakers Facing $135K Fine Over Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple Speak OutPosted by The Daily Signal on Monday, April 27, 2015 From the video source: Bakers Facing $135K ...
    Oregon silences bakers who refused to make cake for gay wedding
    2015-07-06 23:34
    Shut up! Don’t say another word. That’s what the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) is telling the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa, a bakery owned by Christians who refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. On Friday the state ordered owners Aaron and Melissa Klein to pay $135,000 in damages to a lesbian couple they turned away ...
    Gay flag-burning suspect released on own recognizance
    2015-07-06 22:04
    Prosecutors have charged Cameron Mayfield, 23, with third-degree arson after police arrested him for burning a gay pride flag. "You know, my client is going to apologize for what he did," Mayfield's defense attorney James Martin Davis said. The charge carries a maximum of five years in prison. Davis said in court the charge "trivializes what true hate crimes are." Davis admits his client ...
    Japan and America agree to put giant fighting robots into battle
    2015-07-06 20:02
    Japan's Suidobashi accepts MegaBots' challenge of a duel, paving the way for robot wars on a grand scale It's the moment we've all been waiting for: two giant fighting robots - one Japanese and one American - will square off in a melee one year from now. That is, if the robots' two owners keep their word. Last week, MegaBots, an American ...
    Hillary Clinton is coming to Kansas City for the National Council of La Raza conference
    2015-07-06 20:17
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will speak to the National Council of La Raza annual conference in Kansas City later this month. The former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady is scheduled to appear at the conference at the Kansas City Convention Center on Monday, July 13. “We are thrilled that Secretary Clinton will join us to speak to the ...
    Fires at Black Churches Do Not Appear to Be Linked, Racially Motivated: ATF
    2015-07-06 20:44
    A string of fires at black churches in Southern states have sparked concerns that racial friction has spiked in the aftermath of the racially-motivated mass shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Federal fire investigators are combing through the remains say they do not have enough evidence on hand to determine that the scattered incidents were racial attacks against the ...
    As Greece Falls, Will Those With Gardens Survive?
    2015-07-06 19:35
    Greeks don't want austerity, but the future is bleak and unknown. As of Friday, grocery shelves were being stripped bare of staple cooking goods, and pharmacies ran out of crucial medicines like thyroxine (thyroid treatment). More than half of those items are imported, but with banking plugs, companies are unable to pay suppliers. Things are frozen; stopped, and tens of thousands ...
    Rise of the super soldier: Liquid armour, indestructible exoskeletons and weapons that never miss revealed as the future of warfare
    2015-07-06 19:17
    War has been one of the greatest spurs to science in history. Developments as diverse and far-reaching as space travel, superglue, duct tape and microwaves owe their origins beneath camouflage netting and behind sandbags. Today's military innovations, though, are focused not just on getting the job done, but doing so as quickly as possible and bringing the soldiers home to their ...
    Europe Survived War And Depression: Can She Survive Invasion?
    2015-07-06 17:43
    However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving the Eurozone, or submitting and accepting austerity at the dictates of its creditors, the European Union appears headed for an existential crisis. Greece borrowed and spent beyond its means, like New York City in the ’70s, and Detroit, Illinois, and Puerto Rico today. But the crisis of Europe is about more than ...
    Professor: Reason Itself Is A White Male Construct
    2015-07-04 3:55
    A philosophy and religion professor at Syracuse University gave an interview to The New York Times Thursday in which he critiqued the notion of pure reason as simply being a “white male Euro-Christian construction.” Prof. John Caputo was being interviewed by fellow philosophy professor George Yancy for the 13th installment of an interview series Yancy conducts with philosophers regarding racial topics. Given its emphasis on first principles ...
    The Broken Window Fallacy
    2015-07-04 3:48
    Youtube description: This short video explains one of the most persistent economic fallacies of our day. Source:
    Jenji Kohan and the Jewish Hyper-Sexualization of Western Culture
    2015-07-04 3:33
    As detailed in The Culture of Critique, Freud and his followers regarded anti-Semitism was a universal pathology which had its roots in sexual repression. The theoretical basis for this can be found in Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality where he linked aggression to the frustration of human drives — especially the sex drive. Kevin MacDonald notes that: ...
    Confederate History - Dispelling the Myths
    2015-07-03 3:28
    History books, the media, the school systems, etc abound in falsehoods and inaccuracies of Confederate and Southern history. This fact sheet will help to clarify and dispell some of these rampant inaccuracies. MYTH - The War of 1861 - 1865 was fought over slavery. FACT - Terribly untrue. The North fought the war over money. Plain ...
    Gays Rights May Open Door for Pedophile Rights
    2015-07-03 3:31
    Democrats have attempted to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation. A recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage may soon allow pedophiles to argue they are suffering discrimination. “Using the same tactics used by ‘gay’ rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals,” writes Jack Minor ...
    Government Trolls Are Using ‘Psychology-Based Influence Techniques’ On YouTube, Facebook And Twitter
    2015-07-03 3:56
    Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll? Well, there is a very good chance that you were not imagining things. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have solid proof that paid government trolls are using “psychology-based influence techniques” on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. ...
    Artificial Intelligence Takes the Battlefield: Who Is Really Running Jade Helm 15?
    2015-07-03 2:31
    Who is really going to be running Jade Helm 15? There is more to the story than just training for martial law in states designated as “hostile states” – already a chilling pretext with overtones of greater federal power that could spiral out of control. But it seems that it is actually A.I. – artificial intelligence – that is at the helm ...
    Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany
    2015-07-03 2:32
    A 22-year-old worker was grabbed by the robot and crushed against a metal plate A robot has killed a man at a Volkswagen car factory in Germany. The 22-year-old worker died from injuries he sustained when he was trapped by a robotic arm and crushed against a metal plate. The man, who has not been named, was part of a team that ...
    In Chattooga County, GA, SCV Hauls Down Confederate Battle Flag, 100 People March In Protest
    2015-07-03 2:55
    These appear to be local people protesting the SCV’s removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Chattooga County Courthouse: “Winters did not return a call seeking comment. Stan Hammond commander of the local Sons chapter, said he did not know about the protest until someone told him about it after the fact. “That’s not us,” he said. “We didn’t have anything ...
    Trouble Brewing in South Carolina? Black Panthers Plan Rally to Counter KKK
    2015-07-03 2:08
    There may be a showdown developing in Columbia, as a New Black Panther Party affiliated group plans a rally in the state capitol of South Carolina on July 18, the same day that a protest is planned by a KKK white power group. James Mohammed with Black Educators for Justice spoke exclusively with Breitbart News and confirms that his group and ...
    Young Greeks flee abroad as crisis deepens
    2015-07-03 2:28
    Athens (AFP) - What does the future look like for young people in crisis-hit Greece, where years of hardship and sky-high unemployment were followed this week by bank closures? The answer: self-imposed exile. "I don't see a future in Greece," sighs Dani Iordake. The 21-year-old, who proudly sports self-styled tattoos on his arms, was forced to drop out of university to ...
    Google driverless cars in accidents again, humans at fault - again
    2015-07-03 2:28
    San Francisco - Google's autonomous cars were once again involved in accidents while out mapping the streets of Mountain View, Calif. But in both instances, as with the dozen or so previous incidents over years of testing, humans in other vehicles were at fault, according to Google. The search company released its latest autonomous-car monthly report Wednesday, detailing two accidents in which ...
    The Secret Safari - How Communists Armed the ANC in South Africa
    2015-07-03 0:04
    Africa Hinterland was an overland travel company set up in the UK in the early 1980s to smuggle weapons and ammunition into South Africa for the communists military struggle against the Boer. It was founded by exiled members of the African National Congress and made over 40 trips into South Africa by truck, carrying up to a ton of weapons ...
    Boston University Professor Says White College Males are a Problem Population
    2015-07-03 0:26
    It seems like every day anti-White hate is being spewed from some hate filled professor without consequence. The trend of terrifying defamation has become unfathomable and intolerable. National Youth Front has already made a stand at ASU over their anti-White hate course entitled “The Problem With Whiteness.” Today we have continued to take a stand. Operation Grumpy Grundy was completed earlier ...
    Capture the Flag: Rebels & Rainbows
    2015-07-02 5:24
    The White House turned into a rainbow as the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide, bypassing state sovereignty. While the country is wooed with rainbow magic, have they now forgiven the government of their many trespasses? How concerned are they about human rights, while removing the Confederate flag in the south? Tearing down one symbol and lifting up another ...
    Facebook looks to reduce white share of staff
    2015-07-02 3:52
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has voiced a desire to transform the demographics of Facebook's employee base to better echo the company's billion-plus international users. However, Facebook's most recent diversity report revealed that white men continue to have a claim on positions at Facebook. The online social networking service claims that diversity is central to the company's mission, observing &"Our work is producing ...
    New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime
    2015-07-02 2:36
    Numbers finally include Hispanics as an offender category. Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has just published a table of statistics on race and violent crime that she received from the Department of Justice. For the first time in figures of this kind, DOJ has treated Hispanics as a separate category rather than lumping them in with whites. These data cover all ...
    Fanning the Flames of Another Black Church Arson Hoax
    2015-07-02 0:57
    America is still reeling from the horrific Charleston, S.C., massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church that claimed the lives of nine innocent people. The last thing the community and our country need are hysterical journalists compounding the pain with inflammatory reporting on an unsubstantiated “epidemic” of black church arsons. On Monday, a Baltimore Sun lead editorial decried “a series of mysterious ...
    Cold War Redux: Do you want to fight in World War Three?
    2015-07-02 0:04
    The rhetoric coming of Washington is pushing us dangerously close to a world changing scenario. In the following episode of CrossTalk, Peter Lavelle discusses the way Russia and Putin are being framed by Western governments and mainstream media with guests including Chris Hedges. The dangers of ignoring historical context when reporting ‘news’ is examined, along with the pure ‘imperial hubris’ of ...
    Survey Says: 35 Percent of Americans Would Expatriate
    2015-07-02 0:14
     As the Fourth of July weekend looms and Americans prep their grills and ready their fireworks, some citizens are packing their bags. A recent online poll of more than 2,000 adults by TransferWise, a peer-to-peer money transfer service based in the United Kingdom, revealed that 35 percent of American-born residents and emigrants would considering leaving the United States to live in ...
    Greek crisis deepens as loan repayment deadline passes
    2015-07-01 23:19
    Greece's midnight deadline passed Tuesday for repaying $1.8 billion to the International Monetary Fund and other international creditors, deepening a financial crisis that threatens the Mediterranean nation's membership in the European Union. Despite an eleventh-hour effort by Greek lawmakers Tuesday to secure a new two-year debt deal before the deadline, European finance ministers reviewing Greece's proposal concluded their conference call without ...
    Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church
    2015-07-01 22:46
    A Colorado Springs man was arrested after police believe he left racist messages outside a church. Vincent Broughton, 44, who is black, is facing charges for committed a bias-motivated crime and disorderly conduct. The signs were posted outside the New Covenant church that is predominately attended by African Americans. One sign references the KKK. Another reads, “Black men beware, you are the ...
    'Whiteness is terror': Black professor says white people 'conditioned' to commit mass murder
    2015-07-01 21:55
    A former professor at the University of Memphis used her Twitter account – promoted at the time by the university’s website – to make the claim that the Charleston church gunman was not mentally ill, but just acting the way white people are “conditioned” to act. Assistant professor of sociology Zandria Robinson took to social media to try to make the ...
    Norwegian, Danish ships rescue nearly 1,000 migrants
    2015-07-01 21:38
    Copenhagen Denmark (AP) — Ships from Norway and Denmark have picked up nearly 1,000 migrants from small boats off the coast of Libya in the past 24 hours. Svein Kvalavaag, the captain of the Norwegian Siem Pilot vessel, said on Monday he picked up 671 from two wooden boats north of the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Late Monday night, it was asked ...
    The Muslims are coming: Quick, hide the miniskirts
    2015-07-01 21:12
    What happens when two opposing cultures meet up, one based on permissive Western values and the other on repressive Islamic doctrine? If the latest news out of Germany is any indication, the latter wins. Earlier this month, 200 Syrian refugees arrived in Pocking, Bavaria, and the local school system set up an emergency shelter right next to the gym of Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium, Die ...
    UK Police Tell Subjects Not to Harm Their Attackers, Get a Rape Alarm
    2015-07-01 1:17
    The latest dispatch from the United Kingdom’s ongoing campaign to eliminate all forms of armed self-defense seems too incredible to be true. Unfortunately, after tracking down the origin of a publicly distributed statement regarding self-defense products on the country’s “Ask the Police” website, we can confirm that British subjects continue to live at the mercy of their potential attackers.  Even ...
    Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in New York City Ahead of Fourth of July
    2015-07-01 1:52
    Burning the flag in Charleston, South Carolina on June 22, 2015 A group calling for the immediate disarmament of the New York Police Department plans to burn American flags in a Brooklyn park on Wednesday, just days before the Fourth of July holiday. “Disarm NYPD” announced the “Burn the American Flags” event on Facebook, inviting individuals to join the organization at Fort ...
    Ruiz: Diversity of New York City languages makes staying involved in kids’ education difficult for immigrant parents
    2015-07-01 1:08
    Immigrant parent seek better translation and interpretation services from the Department of Education at the New York Immigration Coalition. New Yorkers, who come from every corner of the world, speak 180 languages. Not surprisingly, nearly half of public school students speak a language other than English at home. This makes life difficult for the city's Department of Education, which, according to federal ...
    Ethnic Studies to Become Mandatory in Sacramento Schools by 2016
    2015-06-30 22:36
    The fourth most diverse school district in the nation is finally adding an ethnic studies graduation requirement—in 2020. The Sacramento City Unified School District's Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposal from its Student Advisory Council on June 4. The proposal will create an ethnic studies pilot program for fall 2016. In collaboration with community organizations, local university professors and college students, ...
    It Begins: New Calls To Strip Churches of Tax Exempt Status After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
    2015-06-30 20:22
    For years conservatives and proponents of religious liberty in America have warned that if same-sex marriage became legal, the left would then pursue revoking the tax exempt status for religious institutions, particularly Christian churches, around the country. Just days after the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that gay marriage is a constitutional right, progressive activists like Mark Oppenheimer of ...
    Physician Linking Autism - Vaccines Found Shot Dead.
    2015-06-30 3:38
    James Jeffrey Bradstreet was a hero to many parents. He spent a great part of his life trying to fight for those children who sustained injuries from vaccines via the creation of medical procedures. This included his very own son. Clearly, his ideas and concepts and science were not accepted by all and created a great many heated debates online. On ...
    Pedophiles Now Demanding Equality - Wanting Their Equal Rights to Marriage
    2015-06-30 2:06
    Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals. Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits ...
    Time: Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country
    2015-06-30 2:21
    Rod Dreher is a senior editor and blogger at The American Conservative. Voting Republican and other failed culture war strategies are not going to save us now. No, the sky is not falling — not yet, anyway — but with the Supreme Court ruling constitutionalizing same-sex marriage, the ground under our feet has shifted tectonically. It is hard to overstate the significance of ...
    Obama: Americans need to shift religious views
    2015-06-30 1:46
    From RamZPaul: Friday, President Obama gave a speech in which he said Americans need to change their religious views to be accepting of gay marriage. Source: ramzpaul
    11 Fake European Towns and Landmarks Made in China
    2015-06-30 1:09
    We’ve known the Chinese to imitate almost everything. From luxury bags to whatever the fad is, they have it already freshly made. We’ve also known that Chinese tourists traveling around the world continue to increase due to rising incomes and less restrictive passport regime. Europe is one of the mostly visited continents and more campaigns have been launched in some ...
    Russia calls for an investigation into the Moon landing
    2015-06-29 21:06
    A Russian official has has cast doubt on the first moon landings and demanded an investigation into what really happened after original Nasa footage of the event disappeared. Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the Russian government's Investigative Committee, says he wants an inquiry after the video from 1969 and a piece of lunar rock, which was brought back to earth, went ...
    The Solution to White Privilege: #TakeUsDown
    2015-06-29 20:47
    The only way to please the “anti-racists.” Joseph Sobran famously challenged liberals to define a society in which they would be conservatives. Today, the challenge is to define a society in which white people are not racist. The last half century has seen a continual shifting of the goalposts when it comes to defining “racism.” During the so-called Civil Rights movement, ...
    Revealed: Meditation can trigger depression and anxiety, according to new research that claims practice can release traumatic memories and psychological issues
    2015-06-29 20:42
    Meditation has long been said to do wonders for the brain and stress relief, new reports have challenged this idea and suggest that the practice could, in some cases, actually be causing harm. Clinical cognitive and behavioural psychologist and mediation expert, Dr Paula Watkins, suggests that during meditation, people can be taken too far into the ‘recesses’ of their minds and ...
    Threat from Artificial Intelligence not just Hollywood fantasy
    2015-06-29 20:04
    Oxford academic Dr Stuart Armstrong warns humanity runs the risk of creating super intelligent computers that eventually destroy us all From the dystopian writings of Aldous Huxley and HG Wells to the sinister and apocalyptic vision of modern Hollywood blockbusters, the rise of the machines has long terrified mankind. But it now seems that the brave new world of science-fiction could ...
    Greece Will Open 700 Bank Branches On Thursday - For Limited Pension Withdrawals Only
    2015-06-29 19:14
    Good news - some Greek bank branches will re-open sooner than expected. *Greek official: 700 bank branches to open thursday for pensions Bad news - only pension withdrawals are allowed in limited size. *Greek pension withdrawals will be limited to EU240: official Party's over. Source:
    Greek Banks And Stock Exchange In Shutdown
    2015-06-29 19:44
    Banks and the stock exchange will remain closed after Greek citizens queued all weekend to withdraw savings. Banks in Greece and the country's stock exchange will be shut all week in a sign of the deepening financial crisis. The drastic move comes after people rushed to withdraw their cash amid panic ahead of the referendum on bailout terms. Under the controls, there will ...
    World stock markets tumble as Greece crisis deepens
    2015-06-29 17:21
    Share prices slumped across Europe on Monday as Greece shuttered its banks for a week following a fateful weekend that has shaken Europe's single currency. The Greek government decided on Sunday night it had no option but to close the nation's banks the following day after the European Central Bank (ECB) raised the stakes by freezing the liquidity lifeline that has ...
    Obama Politicizes Rev. Pinckney's Funeral
    2015-06-27 18:05
    And sings Amazing Grace On Friday, President Obama gave the eulogy at the funeral for Reverend Clementa Pinckney who was shot and killed after a Bible study last week at the Emanuel Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where he was pastor. And to the surprise of no one, Obama used the funeral as a platform for politics as much as ...
    White House Lit Up In Rainbow Colors to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Decision
    2015-06-27 17:33
    Tunisia Terrorist Killing Spree: 37 Dead
    2015-06-27 1:32
    Editors comment: What the media is not telling you is that Tunisia is a popular vacation destination among Europeans. In fact, Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, is an all inclusive resort that features a photo of a White couple on their opening page, since this is a resort frequented by Europeans. The media has made no mention of race in this mass ...
    UN Rapporteur Francois Crepeau Has A Very Rude Word To Describe UK's Attitude To Migrants
    2015-06-27 0:43
    The idea that British culture is under threat from migration is "fantasy" and "bullshit", a senior United Nations official has said. Reality check: White British people are now a minority in their own capital Francois Crepeau, the UN's special rapporteur on migrant rights, also slammed the Government's stance on supporting search and rescue efforts in the Mediterranean to save immigrants trying to ...
    Violence Erupts in Sweden as Ethnic Groups Clash in Race Riots
    2015-06-27 0:11
    Sweden's third largest city, Malmö, has descended into chaos as police respond to a huge rise in racism and tensions between ethnic groups, involving bombs, hand grenades and guns. It follows a spate of clashes between different ethnic groups in Malmö, in what police describe as a worrying rise in racial tensions dating back over a decade. It highlights tensions within ...
    Should the Confederate Flag be banned?
    2015-06-26 23:59
    Richard Cohn, head of the SPLC, supports the banning of the Confederate flag. Curiously, Mr. Cohn is silent on banning another Nationalist flag that was esteemed by terrorists. Source: ramzpaul
    Why I own a Confederate flag
    2015-06-26 23:04
    Editor of I find this issue with the confederate battle flag quite disturbing. Juan Williams from Fox News said it was a symbol of hate. Really? To who was that hatred directed? To the slaves? No. At the time, whether you like it or not, slaves were a legal commodity. So where is the “hate” directed? You don’t think the ...
    Jihadists Attack French Gas Factory, Behead Victim
    2015-06-26 23:55
    Will leftist media blame all Muslims for attack like they blamed all whites for Charleston? A man was beheaded during a suspected ISIS-inspired attack near Lyon in France this morning, with the culprits carrying an Islamic State flag and scrawling Arabic writing on the victim’s head. The attackers reportedly set off several small explosions as they drove a vehicle into the Air ...
    Black Churches in the South are Burning, Echoes of the 90's Black Church Burning Hoax
    2015-06-26 22:15
    As in the 90s, here we are again as "progressive" news outlets such as the Daily Kos set speculation and accusation ablaze regarding recent black church burnings. The media is trying to fan the flames of racism, as they are reporting that the south has a long history of black church burning. Well they won’t tell you about the black church-burning ...
    Charleston Church Shooting Teaser
    2015-06-26 5:02
    Get the full story on the Charleston Church Shooting. Coming soon... #CharlestonShooting #CharlestonChurchShooting By
    The War on White Heritage
    2015-06-26 2:33
    Written July 2000 By Sam Francis After years of bitter controversy, the South Carolina legislature voted in May to take down the Confederate battle flag that has flown over the state capitol in Columbia since 1962 and to move it to “a place of honor” at the Confederate Soldiers Memorial located on the capitol grounds. The legislature’s vote on the flag ...
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