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We are looking for Europeans of different nationalities that can speak about the refugee invasion in your country and how this REALLY is affecting you. Are you in Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Austria or another country being heavily invaded? Please reach out: or @rediceradio We want to speak with you!

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Insight - Capture the Flag: Rebels & Rainbows
July 2, 2015
The White House turned into a rainbow as the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal nationwide, bypassing state sovereignty. While the country is wooed with rainbow magic, have they now forgiven the government of their many trespasses? How concerned are they about human rights, while removing the Confederate flag in the south? Tearing down one symbol and lifting up another is not about tolerance and love, it's about hate. It's not about equality, it's about revenge. This is a campaign of hate, cloaked in rainbows.


Europe Begins Massive Deportation Of 400,000 Illegal Immigrants
The European Union has moved forward on deporting rejected asylum seekers to ease the pressure from the Syrian migration crisis.

The interior ministers of the E.U. met to discuss a 10-point plan Thursday and agreed to new regulations that will speed up the process of removing more than 400,000 illegal immigrants. The ultimate goal is to deter others coming in the future by sending a clear message that they won’t be able to stay if they are rejected asylum.

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  • “I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Keep Up With The Ladies’ Gossip Magazines”
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  • MTV chief Stephen Friedman announces exit; Sean Atkins tapped for job
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  • Germany in a state of SIEGE, gangs of men roaming the streets - young German women told to cover up
  • The Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 - End of the Viking Age
  • The German Working Class being evicted for Asylum Seekers
  • Militant group publishes global hitlist of bloggers, activists and writers
  • Pope Francis offers the world a prophetic voice
  • Warwick University offers £25,000 two-year scholarships to 20 refugees
  • The REAL Motive Behind the Volkswagen "Scandal"
  • Students Brag on Twitter about Tearing Down Pro-Life Flyers on Campus
  • EU holds emergency summit after forcing through migrant deal
  • German Schoolchildren will Cook and Clean for “Refugees” as Part of Work Experience
    2015-10-13 0:44
    Schoolchildren from an undisclosed school in the city of Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, will spend a week doing housework for so-called “refugees”. Unknown Object. The idea was sold to parents at a parents’ meeting as a “practical internship“, but has sparked outrage online. A letter to the parents said their children will be going to “refugee” accommodations and will be making beds, sorting clothes, and ...
    MTV: Saying "No Can Do" Or "Long Time No See" Is Racist
    2015-10-12 23:04
    Harmless terms have offensive origins, asserts Franchesca Ramsey According to MTV News, using the phrases “long time no see,” “peanut gallery” and “no can do” is offensive because the terms have “racist beginnings.” Host Franchesca Ramsey begins by claiming that the term “peanut gallery” is offensive because it was once the place where black people were “forced” to sit at the theater ...
    Migrants Dump Garbage from Their Balconies at German Asylum Center
    2015-10-12 23:35
    German authorities expect up to 1.5 million asylum seekers to arrive in Germany this year – up from 750,000 last month. So they can expect more of this– Migrants Dump Garbage from their Balconies : Augsburg Asylum Center, Germany In a recent poll, the number of “frightened” Germans jumped from 38% to 51% in three weeks. Muslim Statistics reported, via Religion of Peace: The latest ...
    US Paradrops 50 Tons Of Ammo To Syrian Rebels
    2015-10-12 22:32
    As we noted over the weekend, the US has now thrown in the towel on the ill-fated (and that’s putting it lightly) strategy of training Syrian fighters and sending them into battle only to be captured and killed by other Syrian fighters who the US also trained.  The Pentagon’s effort to recruit 5,400 properly “vetted” anti-ISIS rebels by the end of ...
    Migrant Crisis stand-up routine - Sam Hyde
    2015-10-10 18:07
    YouTube description: "Migrant" "Crisis" AKA Muslim Road Trip. Hundreds of thousands of astronauts, doctors, sciencemen, and peaceful clock inventors descend upon the countries with the most collective guilt and free stuff. This was pretty good man... I wasn't expecting this reaction from the same Boston college audience who so thoroughly disapproved of my 'Mike Brown' routine. I think the invasion of ...
    Muslim Rape Gang in Rhode Island
    2015-10-10 2:47
    2 Mohammeds, a Yazeed, & a Tareq accused of raping two 18 year old female Johnson & Wales students: By Amanda Milkovits, Lynn Arditi, Providence Journal, Oct 7, 2015 (thanks to Andy Bostom) PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Four male Johnson & Wales University students have been arrested in connection with a reported sexual assault and alleged drugging of two female students at the university. The ...
    South Carolina city to pay $6.5 million over police shooting of black man
    2015-10-10 1:18
    The family of an unarmed black man shot in the back by a white police officer will get a $6.5 million settlement from North Charleston in South Carolina, city officials said on Thursday. The man, Walter Scott, 50, was shot after fleeing a traffic stop in April. The shooting was caught on a bystander's video and reignited a national outcry over ...
    #killallwhitemen “diversity” officer charged by London police.
    2015-10-10 1:08
    Bahar Mustafa, a Turkish woman who is the “welfare and diversity officer” for a student union in London’s Goldsmiths university, has been charged by the police for her anti-White rants on Twitter. Two separate comments she made on November 2014 and on May 2015 are charged with conveying “a threatening message” and “sending a grossly offensive message via a public communication ...
    Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination
    2015-10-09 23:56
    Suspicions that the CIA covered up JFK’s murder have finally been confirmed, according to an explosive Politico report out this week.  Fifty-two years after the President’s death, declassified documents show that the CIA were in communication with alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK’s murder in 1963, and they were monitoring his mail since 1959. Not only that but John McCone, who was Chief of the ...
    More Great Media Moments in Muslim Achievement: Headscarf Lady Wins Bakeoff In Britain
    2015-10-09 23:18
    Last month, America rejoiced when a 14-year-old Muslim lad in Irving, Texas discovered time, thus solving the universe’s ongoing problem that everything happens at once. This month, Britain is exulting that a Muslim lady can cook better than most Brits. From the New York Times: Muslim Winner of Baking Contest Defies Prejudice in Britain By Dan Bilefsky, OCT. 8, 2015 LONDON — Prime Minister ...
    Israelis Declare Carrying Firearms Helpful in Preventing 'Lone Wolf' Attacks
    2015-10-09 22:39
    In the wake of several “lone wolf” attacks, the Israeli government is encouraging citizens to carry personal firearms with them at all times while in public. The attacks have been conducted by Palestinians wielding nothing more than knives, but have struck terror into the heart of Israel. During the attacks, which are being conducted in reprisal for a long series of ...
    Russians drop leaflets on ISIS, implying America and Israel is behind them
    2015-10-09 4:38
    Dire warning: The leaflets (pictured) being dropped by Russian jets warn people to get out of the zone of 'special operations' - and one implies that terror group  al-Nusra  Front are backed by America and Israel Syrian army helicopters have dropped tens of thousands of leaflets on ISIS and rebel fighters, warning them to get out now and 'don't make it even ...
    Europe’s Rape Epidemic: Western Women Will Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Mass Migration
    2015-10-09 2:54
    Fast forward eight months or so, and I am living in a new flat with a female friend of mine. Late one night, while my friend and I were sitting talking in her room, someone let himself in. He immediately decided to take his trousers off and walk in to the bedroom with a stupid “entitled” grin on his face. ...
    Yoga Class for "People of Color" Only, Whites Need Not Attend
    2015-10-08 23:03
    A yoga class in Rainier Beach is aimed at people of color and asks that white people not attend. If it's illegal and considered racist for a white, straight business owner to deny service to a gay person or person of color, shouldn't the same be true for a yoga class that bars white people from attending? Listen to report here Rainier Beach ...
    College diversity officer charged for #KillAllWhiteMen tweet
    2015-10-08 23:16
    A U.K. college diversity officer’s utopia would include no white men – after they are all executed. An employee of Goldsmiths University of London’s independent students’ union was arrested in London Tuesday and charged with sending a menacing or offensive messages via a public network for her “#killallwhitemen” tweets. Bahar Mustafa, 28, faces one charge each for electronic communications she sent over ...
    Paedo deported from UK sneaked back and worked with kids for two years before being caught
    2015-10-08 23:50
    Landazuri worked with teenagers for two years before he was caught Juan Guerra Landazuri successfully lived in Britain with his new identity for two years and even got a job helping vulnerable teenagers - despite being banned from working with children for life. The 44-year-old, originally known as Juan Alejandro Guerra, was jailed for four years in 2002 for two offences of ...
    Why Don't More Minorities Hike?
    2015-10-08 23:06
    As a Bay Area native, I grew up in outdoor spaces. While hiking trails in Tilden Park in the East Bay and in the Marin Headlands in the North Bay, I gained an appreciation of and respect for natural spaces that eventually led me to visit our national parks—Yosemite being my favorite. It was in Yosemite that I started to notice ...
    NYU Professor: Fight climate change with hormone treatments on small children, 'closes the growth plates'
    2015-10-08 21:40
    ‘Interviewed on the Sunrise Weekend morning show, NYU Professor Matthew Liao promotes hormone treatments on children ‘when their small’ to close their ‘growth plates’ and thus stunt child growth. Professor Liao says this helps fight climate change since ‘larger people consume more energy than smaller people.” Source:
    Varg Vikernes on Compassion
    2015-10-08 21:50
    YouTube description: About Survivalism for Europeans. About Christian apologists. Learn how to act without any compassion with MYFAROG Source:
    Miranda Devine: Perth electrical engineer’s discovery will change climate change debate
    2015-10-08 20:31
    Dr David Evans has unpacked the architecture of the basic climate model which underpins all climate science. Picture: Thinkstock A mathematical discovery by Perth-based electrical engineer Dr David Evans may change everything about the climate debate, on the eve of the UN climate change conference in Paris next month. A former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, with six degrees ...
    Israeli news: "Islamization of Europe a good thing"
    2015-10-08 0:56
    Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should 'rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.' He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God As concerns grow over the increasing number of Muslims in Europe, it appears not everyone is bothered by the issue, including an Israeli ...
    Eradicating ISIS: Russia Unleashes Cruise Missiles, Causes Terrorist Exodus and Now Iraq Wants Help
    2015-10-07 23:52
    The war weary Syrian Army is finally getting the help it needs. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Arrott) Putin is continuing to mop up the mess left behind by the West’s interference in Syria with immense success. Watch a video of this report here: On monday, we had the pleasure of bringing you a report detailing the long overdue obliteration of ISIS by Russian airstrikes ...
    Nonwhite Invader Violence Swamping Germany, Police Reports Reveal
    2015-10-07 22:57
    Nonwhite invader violence is beginning to overwhelm the German police, with authorities in one federal state alone reporting 926 “incidents”—or 30 per day, every day—in “asylum centers” during the month of August. The 926 “incidents” took place in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, according to an article in the far leftist Der Spiegel magazine. The violence is the inevitable—and predictable—result of allowing ...
    China Looks to Quell Dissent with 'Citizen Scores,' a Number that Tracks Purchases, Opinions and Social Circles
    2015-10-07 22:13
    China's plan to control the hearts, minds and internet connections of its citizens continues unimpeded. That's the great thing about authoritarian regimes: rollout of mandatory programs is usually only a problem of logistics, not opposition.  The Chinese government has mandated a rating system for all of its connected citizens. It looks like a credit rating but goes much deeper than just ...
    Saudi Clerics Call For Jihad Against Assad, Russia and Iran in Syria
    2015-10-07 22:52
    Dozens of Saudi Arabian clerics and academics released a statement on Monday, calling on the world's Sunni Muslims to "hurry" to Syria, to fight jihad against the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies. They also called on Sunni governments to "give all moral, material, political and military" support to the effort to defeat the Syrian leader. Fifty-two Saudis issued ...
    Obama Arms ISIS-Linked Militants, Pushes Gun Control On Very Same Day
    2015-10-07 6:19
    President Obama authorized a shipment of guns to the Syrian opposition, a.k.a. ISIS-linked militants, on the exact same day he demanded more gun control in response to the Oregon shooting. Even more shocking, Obama did the very same thing after the 2013 D.C. Navy Yard shooting. The president approved the re-arming of the Syrian opposition, which predominantly consists of ISIS and its ...
    Thousands of PEGIDA supporters Rally against Migrant Invasion in Dresden, Germany
    2015-10-07 6:23
    Youtube description: Thousands of PEGIDA supporters took the streets of Dresden, Monday, to protest against the German government's policy on refugees and asylum seekers and the influx of refugees arriving in the country. Source:
    'No Borders' Activist Gang Raped by Migrants, Pressured into Silence to not 'Damage Cause’
    2015-10-07 6:37
    Colleagues are alleged to have said that reporting the crime would set back their struggle for a borderless world. The ‘No Borders’ activist had dedicated a month of her life to helping migrants. Her group was stationed between Italy and France in Ponte San Ludovico in Ventimiglia when the atrocity occurred, according to reports from local papers La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX, ...
    World's First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space
    2015-10-07 5:15
    Editor's note: Yes, this is a sign of the decay of Western civilization. Yes this story of a sell-out lesbian "christian" bishop peddling islam is truly a sign of a terrifying degeneracy in Sweden. Despite that, who can say that they miss the Swedish church? It's been dead for some time now. Christianity was never for the Nordic people! We ...
    Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe
    2015-10-07 3:18
    A Dutch Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, the third-largest city in the Netherlands. Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are "unclean" animals, and some say the call to ban them in Holland and elsewhere represents an attempted encroachment of Islamic Sharia law in Europe. This latest canine controversy -- which the Dutch public has greeted ...
    Islamic State 'blows up Palmyra arch'
    2015-10-06 21:37
    Palmyra's Arch of Triumph was built by the Romans in the second Century AD Islamic State militants in northern Syria have blown up another monument in the ancient city of Palmyra, officials and local sources say. The Arch of Triumph was "pulverised" by the militants who control the city, a Palmyra activist told AFP news agency. It is thought to have been ...
    ISIS on the Run: Russian Airstrikes Totally Obliterate Terrorist Forces in Just 72 Hours
    2015-10-06 4:38
    Russia has just achieved, in 72 hours, what the West failed to do in an entire year. The Su-34 – World’s best machinery for annihilating terrorists. Numerous news outlets are now reporting that ISIS forces are in total disarray and even, in some cases, completely on the run following the start of Russian airstrikes last week.  Russian Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov said that ...
    120,000 illegal immigrants to be moved to Estonia, Luxembourg, and Sweden in a few days
    2015-10-06 0:47
    120,000 African and Muslim illegal immigrants will be moved from Italy and Greece “within days”, according to Ansa, an Italian news organization. The plan is to move them to Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden, and other EU countries, before the next EU summit on October 15th. This decision was voted on last month by EU interior ministers and was passed, despite being opposed by ...
    Oregon Gunman Left Hate-Filled Note and Long Struggled with Mental Issues, Sources Say
    2015-10-05 23:21
    The gunman who carried out the deadly attack on Umpqua Community College was described Friday as a “hate-filled” individual, with anti-religion and white supremacist leanings who has long struggled with mental health issues, law enforcement sources said. Officials said Friday they had recovered 13 weapons tied to the shooter, Chris Harper Mercer, 26. Six were found at the college, seven were ...
    Muslim Migrants Demand Sex: "Problem Here (Points to Groin) Balls Is Very Big"
    2015-10-05 23:42
    Tens of thousands of Muslim migrants continue to flow into Europe. More than 900,000 people could make their way to Germany in the final three months of 2015. One migrant demanded more sex. “The problem here (points to groin) balls is very big.” Source:
    This is Dildoween
    2015-10-05 23:07
    Halloween is a fitting metaphor for a society rank with the stench of its own decay. Youtube sensation Uncuck the Right accordingly presents all your favorite alt-right anti-Cultural-Marxist memes in one convenient song and video for the "season of spooks." Enjoy but don't hand out any more free candy. Source:
    Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Has Been Reached
    2015-10-05 23:13
    After years of negotiations, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal has been reached.  The exact details of this deal have been kept secret which leaves little doubt that this deal is bad for White working Americans. Let’s face it, each one of these so called “free trade” deals in our lifetime has been bad.  Remember NAFTA?   ... From New York Times: The United States ...
    Secret German Govt. Report: Nearly 8 Million Invaders Expected
    2015-10-05 22:47
    A secret German government report has been leaked to the Bild newspaper in which it is admitted that the true number of nonwhite invaders set to enter that country this year will be nearly eight million—while the head of police in Germany has warned that invader violence is already a daily occurrence and “out of control.” The secret report confirms that ...
    Did You Know You Also Have A Uniform Birth Number?
    2015-10-05 22:45
    In Carroll Quigley’s 1966 book Tragedy & Hope, he discusses bluntly how our freedom will continuously dwindle throughout the remainder of the 20th century and beyond under a type of neofeudalism imposed by the burgeoning scientific dictatorship: Hopefully, the elements of choice and freedom may survive for the ordinary individual in that he may be free to make a choice between ...
    Liberal candidate Cheryl Thomas resigns over Facebook comments
    2015-10-05 21:33
    Cheryl Thomas, a Liberal Party candidate for Victoria, B.C., has resigned because of past comments she made on Facebook about the Muslim and Jewish communities.  "I want to take this moment to apologize unreservedly for past comments on social media that have come to light," wrote Thomas on her website. "When looking back at them, I understand that they are offensive and ...
    Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints at Confiscation
    2015-10-05 21:11
    In the mid-1990s Australia and Great Britain both instituted what were virtually complete bans on firearm possession. Obama referenced the bans thus: We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings.  Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours.  So we know there are ...
    Germany's Sharia Refugee Shelters
    2015-10-05 21:54
    "Bulk of Migrants Cannot Be Integrated" In the past two months alone, dozens of violent brawls and riots between different groups of migrants have erupted in Germany's refugee shelters. Muslim asylum seekers are enforcing Islamic Sharia law in German refugee shelters, according to police, who warn that Christians, Kurds and Yazidis in the shelters are being attacked by Muslims with increasing frequency ...
    Times of Israel: "When it comes to Jewish ties, no GOP candidate trumps Trump"
    2015-10-05 3:33
    Presbyterian himself, Republican presidential hopeful’s daughter, two grandkids are Jewish; endorsed Netanyahu; called Obama ‘worst enemy’ of Israel Among the expansive field of Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debates Thursday night, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people. Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been ...
    The Decay of Western Civilization
    2015-10-05 3:34
    Description from YouTube: Thank god the allies won! Can you imagine what life on earth would have been like had those evil Nazis won? The goal of every culture is to decay through over-civilization; the factors of decadence - luxury, skepticism, weariness and superstition - are constant. The civilization of one epoch becomes the manure of the next. Source: Anti German war ...
    Sweden: "No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun" - Sweden in Shock after IKEA Murders
    2015-10-05 2:51
    There is strong chance that Carola Herlin was beheaded by the enriching Eritrean (the new Swede) who had just arrived in Sweden. Carola Herlin, Director of the Moro Backe Health Center, was murdered on August 10, along with her son, in the IKEA store in Västerås, Sweden.* The Swedes see the welfare systems failing them. Swedes have had to get used ...
    Donald Trump is getting sucked into some weird cult
    2015-10-04 23:51
    "Cuckout" warning for all fans of The Trump. You might be triggered by this: (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); As Trump guides this mans hand onto his face The following is said: "The only two nations that have ...
    EU Must Get Ready: UN Predicts 1.4 MILLION Migrants to Arrive in Next Two Years
    2015-10-04 3:05
    Comment: The UN know and encourage these kinds of numbers to come into Europe, see comment below the article for more. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) announced that it expects 700,000 migrants and refugees to reach Europe via the Mediterranean this year and predicted at least the same amount again in 2016. A spokesman for UNHCR Adrian Edwards confirmed that the figures ...
    Oops: Did CNN Just Admit the U.S. Is Working with ISIS? & The ISIS Conspiracy
    2015-10-04 1:33
    Because we wouldn't want Russia to have an accidental skirmish with the U.S.-led ISIS coalition, now would we? Source: The ISIS Conspiracy By Brandon Martinez The ISIS Conspiracy is a video series created by independent journalist and writer Brandon Martinez and is based on his book The ISIS Conspiracy: How Israel and the West Manipulate Our Minds Through Fear. In Part I Martinez ...
    Sydney: Activists deliver petition to send refugees to PM's electorate
    2015-10-04 0:19
    Police confronted activists concerned with plans to resettle 12,000 Syrian refugees in Australia during a political stunt staged outside the house of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney on September 27, 2015. Watch the video here: Sydney: PM urged to resettle Muslim refugees in eastern suburbs Members of the right-wing Party For Freedom delivered a petition urging the PM to resettle the ...
    Umpqua Shooter Harper-Mercer Left Note: Wanted to “Be Embraced By the Devil” and “Welcomed in Hell”
    2015-10-03 23:56
    Has the media come out against left-hand path occultists who worship the devil yet? No, they continue to blame gun toting conservative "White-supremacists" for this one. Umpqua Shooter was identified as Chris Harper Mercer last night. Chris Mercer killed 9 people before being shot by police. Chris Harper Mercer was an atheist. (MySpace Image) The profile contains several Irish Revolutionary Army images ...
    Jews In America Demand Washington Admit More Syrian “Refugees”
    2015-10-03 23:09
    In what is becoming a re-occurring theme here on this website, the organized Jewish community in America is once again openly and self-righteously demanding the United States accept as “refugees” even more unskilled, uneducated, backwards people who have no ties to or affinity towards this country and its traditions. As noted here recently, the organized international Jewish community, countless Jewish charities ...
    'Mother' and 'father' being dropped from Ontario government forms
    2015-10-03 23:55
    “Mother” and “father” will gradually disappear from Ontario government forms. Liberal MPP Glenn Thibeault introduced a motion, passed by the legislature Thursday, calling for gender-neutral language. “It’s a motion that’s out there to make sure that government is continuing to look at what we can do to progress and make sure forms are inclusive,” Thibeault said. Birth certificates will continue to refer to ...
    Inviting ISIS: Austria wants to build bridge from Africa to Europe & a thousand rescue platforms with rescue buttons, cameras, food & medicine
    2015-10-03 22:09
    A Bridge too Near - When jokes threaten to become reality A long time ago at the beginning of this ‘refugee crisis’, people used to make a joke and say, “If this keeps up, liberals might start asking for a bridge to be built so that no one would need to smuggle humans across water any more.” Who could have known ...
    Afghani found jesus after raping 14-year-old Swede - rewarded with citizenship
    2015-10-03 21:28
    - In 2013 Mohamed brutally raped a Swedish girl - He was then sentenced to deportation by Falu District Court - Converted to Christianity in custody; will now receive welfare and permanent residency in Sweden because his new faith “can’t be practiced in Afghanistan”. 21-year-old Mohamed from Afghanistan was sentenced to deportation for a brutal rape of a 14-year-old Swedish girl. But in ...
    Invincible Saudi Prince: Kidnapped, Beat, Raped 3 Women in Beverly Hills Compound, US Lets Him Go. Won't even release his picture
    2015-10-03 2:56
    On the 23rd of September, a servant employed at a Beverly Hills mansion compound saw a woman screaming for help while desperately trying to climb the tall wall surrounding the $37 million estate. She was bleeding and had just been raped by 28 year old Saudi prince; Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud, the Times reported. She was only the latest of his several ...
    #UCCShooting: A Nazi Obsessed, White Supremacist, Occultist, Who Targeted Christians, Had Muslim Friends, Was Mixed Race and Killed 10 White People
    2015-10-03 0:53
    The media can make you believe anything. Despite that the Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer was of mixed race with a black mom and a White dad, the media initially was doing everything they could to pin him as a Nazi and a White supremacist. Mother Laurel Harper & Father Chris Harper Mercer LA times reports: Mercer was apparently obsessed with guns, held anti-religion views ...
    Obama gives $12 million to “Holocaust survivors”
    2015-10-03 0:18
    Just read the headline. The article I’m highlighting is not from a “White supremacist” or “anti-Semitic” website – it’s from The Jewish Daily Forward, an entirely mainstream Jewish news outlet. Given that the vast majority of readers here are fully cognizant of the fact that the official narrative of “6 million Jews” systematically murdered by the “evil German Nazis” during the “Holocaust” is ...
    Exposure to toxic chemicals threatening human reproduction and health
    2015-10-03 0:48
    Dramatic increases in exposure to toxic chemicals in the last four decades are threatening human reproduction and health, according to the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the first global reproductive health organization to take a stand on human exposure to toxic chemicals. The opinion was written by obstetrician-gynecologists and scientists from the major global, US, UK and Canadian reproductive ...
    Hamburg to seize commercial property to house migrants
    2015-10-02 22:55
    Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law allowing the seizure of empty commercial properties in order to house migrants. The influx of migrants has put pressure on the authorities of the northern city to find accommodation. Some migrants are sleeping rough outdoors. Hamburg's law takes effect next week. In a separate development, prosecutors filed charges of inciting racial hatred ...
    Secret Swedish anti-immigration blogger hunted by mainstream media - like a witch - has her name exposed
    2015-10-01 22:30
    Editor's note: This is a case that has been ongoing for a while in Sweden. It really demonstrates how the psychotic left mainstream media in Sweden hunts people, like witches, persecuted for their views. They target those dissenters who don't bow to the narrative and agree with the programming and agree with the ongoing population replacement in Sweden. There is ...
    Slavery reparations row to dominate UK prime minister's visit to Jamaica
    2015-10-01 21:25
    David Cameron faces calls from political leaders in the Caribbean to make amends for Britain's role in slave trade British Prime Minister David Cameron first official trip to Jamaica looked set to be overshadowed Tuesday by calls for the UK to pay billions of dollars in reparations for its role in the transatlantic slave trade. In an open letter published in the ...
    Leaked: Documents Reveal Austria Could Spend €12 Billion On Migrant Crisis
    2015-10-01 21:07
    The secret documents were leaked to Austrian broadcaster ORF. They forecast that if Austria admits an estimated 85,000 migrants in 2015 and a further 130,000 in 2016, it will cost around €6.5 billion over four years. The Ministry of Finance immediately denied the figures in the leaked documents. When the expenditure figure included primary care as well as guaranteed minimum income, health and ...
    Second German woman evicted from her home to make way for refugees
    2015-10-01 21:25
    Towns and cities across Germany are struggling to find accommodation for the tens of thousands of refugees streaming into the country Gabrielle Keller with her letter A woman in Germany is being evicted from her home of 23 years to make way for asylum-seekers, in the second such case to emerge. Gabrielle Keller has been given until the end of the year ...
    13 Killed in Shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College: Officials
    2015-10-01 19:02
    At least 13 people were dead and more than 20 others were injured after a gunman opened fire Thursday morning on the campus of Umpqua Community College in southwest Oregon, authorities told NBC News. The gunman was killed in a firefight with Douglas County sheriff's deputies, Sheriff John Hanlin said. State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum told NBC News that 13 people ...
    "Refugees" in Holland are not happy with "bad service" and "slow internet connection"
    2015-10-01 17:21
    Text from LiveLeak: "Poor" asylum seekers from the middle east walking in to europe by the hundredthousands,and estimated 1,5 to 2 million will have come to europe before the end of the year,but not all of them are real refugees as this video will show you,and resistence against these people is rising in holland the dutch people are fed up ...
    'Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me': Twitter comedian trolls TV by talking Edward Scissorhands, not Snowden
    2015-10-01 16:54
    What’s in a name? An Internet comedian trolled network news channel HLN when he talked about Edward Scissorhands instead of Edward Snowden. Jon Hendren — who uses the Twitter handle @fart — had been invited on to the Daily Share as a supporter of controversial Snowden. But he spent the entire segment answering anchor Yasmin Vossoughian’s questions as if the pair were discussing ...
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