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Daniel Tatman - The Bath Mystery's: Founders, Legends & History
June 19, 2008
Researcher, author and architect, Daniel Tatman joins us for another program about his book "The Bath Mystery's". We discuss the founders, legends, history, mythology and the archeological history of Bath. More Relevant Topics Discussed: the summer solstice, Solsbury Hill (Little Solsbury), Druidic orders, King Bladud, Geoffrey of Monmouth, the Welsh, the Druidic and Celtic connection, Lludd of the Silver Hand, sun king, the Bath stone and more. For our members interview, Daniel discusses the year 1717 and the connection between the founding of freemasonry and Neo-Druidism. We talk about the hijacking of Druidic knowledge, the use of the Awen Symbol and the similarity to the Masonic cornerstone markings. Later, we talk about the main figures behind the Druidic revival as well as the architects of Bath. We end by talking about the circus in Bath and how it is being used as a solar, lunar and stellar observatory to this day.


Relevant links

Lludd of the silver hand

The Bardic Tales

Origins and False - Hoods

Bath, Somerset

King Bladud


Lud son of Heli

Geoffrey of Monmouth

William of Malmesbury

John Wood, the Elder



William of Malmesbury


Ludgate London


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