Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you help me to stream or download the audio files?

A. For more detailed help about how to listen, stream or download go here

Q: How do I subscribe to the RSS podcast feed?

A: Click the RSS button in the top menu and subscribe to the feed or past the URL of the feed into your feed reader (iTunes, Juice etc).

For more detailed help about our RSS podcast feeds go here.

Q: Why can't I download or listen to programs older than one year?

A: After a program have been available for free for over one year, we move them to vast radio archive on our members website. In order to download and listen to these 1 year + old programs , you need to sign up for a membership. You can read more about why you should subscribe on this page.

Q: What is the song you played at the end of a radio program?

A: At the bottom of each radio information page, from where you download and listen to the program, there is a "music" link with artist and title.

Q: What is theme music that opens each radio program?

A: We change introduction theme to the radio program almost every year or so. The last piece of music was made by Henrik Palmgren as the new original Red Ice Radio theme. A few different version, and previous themes are available for download at redicemembers.com

Q: I'm a member and need help?

A: As a member allways go to out members website: redicemembers.com from there you have our FAQ where we have a detailed help section and further information about how to solve any potential issues.

Q: Are you compatible with iPods, iPads and iPhones?

A: Yes, the site has been tested and confirmed to function 100% with the latest iPhone and iPad. Downloading files to you computer and transefering them to your iPod is not a problem either.

We also have an app for iPhones and iPad, more information here.

For more information specific about help for iTunes/iPhones/iPads go here.
For more information on how to download and stream go here.
For more information and help using our RSS feeds go here.

Q: Are you compatible with Android phones?

A: Yes, the site has been tested and confirmed to work with most Android phones, using the FireFox browser with Adobe AIR plug in if you want to stream or the Opera browser if you want to download mp3 files. We do recommend however that you aquire a podcast app and subscribe to our RSS feeds to get the programs to your Android phone. We have a detailed help page on our members website. Note that these instructions will work the same for free radio program portion, just subscribe to the free RSS feed on redicecreations.com instead.

Q: Are you compatible with Kindle Fire HD?

A: Yes, the site has been tested and confirmed to work with Kindle Fire HD. For more help for Kindle Fire tablets go here.

Q: Can you give me tech support?

A: For more help pertaining to technical issues, how to listen, stream or download go to our How do I listen? page.

Q: Why the name Red Ice?

A: The idea for Red Ice was first formed in 2000-2001. In the begining the website was a video, graphics and music project but quickly grew into a persuit of all things authentic, real and true. The name Red Ice has a lot of different symbolic meanings. Red Ice represents hot and cold, red and blue, north and south, non-physical and physical, basically two opposites. Not from a Marxist dialectic point of view, but from a perspective of creation. "Red" has nothing to do with the political association the color holds today. (No one "owns" the color red and we've decided to take it back). Red Ice has everything to do with the scandinavian background of the founder. The Norse creation myth tells how everything in the world came into existence in the gap between fire and ice. This is the essence of the name. Red represents heat, urgency and speed - short-term. Ice represents cold, patience and slowed down - long-term. Creation takes place in the right zone between these two powerful forces. A perfect balance between these two extremes creates the conditions for life and consequently it's in this very environment that our spirit can come into the physical world. This is the "Creations" part of our name. The heat of the sun and the coldness of space, we wouldn't be here if one overpowered the other.