Kindle Fire HD Help
How to listen, stream and download with your tablet

Q. How do I listen to your radio program with my web browser?

Manually go to the website using your browser, choose which program you would like to listen to and you can stream the program by touching on the player or by touching on the mp3 links.

You can save the mp3 to your Kindle Fire HD by tapping and holding down the "Download Hour 1" or the "Hour 1 - Low-fi Mp3" link and then select in the dialog box "save link". That will download the mp3 directly to your Kindle Fire HD.

For members: Go to and touch into or RSS page or FAQ to find out more.

Q. Is there a podcast application that I can use on my Kindle Fire HD to download programs?

Yes, we recommend BeyondPod Podcast Manager (see instructions below) if you want to access the RSS feeds with your Kindle Fire HD tablet and easily download our radio program and play them from your tablet. This version goes to a "Lite" version that is available for free for 7 days so that you can test it. When and if you want to get the full app, it costs $6.99 for the full pro version. Try it out for free first and if you like it and find it an easy way to get the radio program, accuire the full pro version. There are many other similar apps that are available for free, but some of them are missing feature where you can enter your login credentials and this is a must so that you can access the password protected content.

BeyondPod App instructions

BeyondPod Podcast Manager is an app that let's you read RSS feeds, download, listen and watch podcasts directly on your Kindle Fire HD tablet. Step by step instructions on how to use BeyondPod Podcast Manager:

1. Acquire the BeyondPod Podcast Manager by going to the Kindle Appstore on your Kindle (or on the web using your browser) and search for BeyondPod Podcast Manager. Grab the free version, download, and install it (This is a "Lite" version with 7 day full feature trial.)

2. With your Kindle Fire HD tablet using your browser, go to and touch on the RSS button in the top right corner.

3. From the RSS page choose one and touch the feed that you want to subscribe to (for example the "Red Ice Radio - Latest Programs").

4. Choose if you want to open RSS feeds Always or Just One with BeyondPod.

5. The feed URL should be added automatically. Next touch "Advanced Settings".

6. Enter your username, password, and then touch "Save".


Further help:

Your feed is now added and ready. Touch on the feed.

Browse among all the episodes available in the feed. Touch on "Download" underneath the Red Ice Radio Cover image for each episode that you want to download. A % progress will show.

Once the program is 100% downloaded, touch the title of the program to being to play the program.


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