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Anthony Peake - The Nature of Reality, Twilight Zones of Consciousness & The Pineal Gland
February 23, 2012
Anthony Peake studied Sociology and History at The University of Warwick and at post-graduate level at The London School of Economics. He is a professional member of The Scientific & Medical Network, The International Association of Near-Death Studies, the Society for Psychical Research and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He is the author of several books and probably best known for his fascinating theory, which he terms Cheating The Ferryman. It suggests a totally new approach to the nature of consciousness and its relationship with the external world. He returns to Red Ice to discuss the nature of reality. How much of reality are we creating? Anthony explains how the answer lies in the zero point field. He also discusses oneness as opposed to dual reality. We'll explore relevant cutting edge scientific experiments and talk about the intriguing aspect of light particles. Lastly, Peake converses about hypnagogia and the possibility that we are living a lifelong dream.


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The Out-of-Body Experience: The History and Science of Astral Travel
Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences: A Handbook of Clinicians
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