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Peter Smith - Past Life, Life Between Lives Regression, Life Selection & Soul Destiny
May 11, 2010
We discuss past lives, life between lives and past life regression with Peter Smith, the President of The Michael Newton Institute. Peter is an LBL therapist and also serves as a trainer for the institute. Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy is a method, pioneered by Michael Newton, using a deep state of hypnosis, whereby individuals can access soul memories. In this first hour, we discuss the institute, hypnotherapy, the technique used and various case studies and client testimonials of integration. We explore the topics of past lives, life between life and life in other dimensions and on other planets. Topics Discussed: Michael Newton, hypnosis, reincarnation, soul, near death experience, lives between lives, trans state, forensic hypnosis, hybrid souls, indigenous inhabitants of this planet, male or female qualities of the soul, the Akashic records, record keeping, self fulfilling prophecies, destiny and more. We proceed to discuss hybrid souls, Edgar Cayce and previous advanced civilizations in our second hour with Peter. What happened to previous high cultures? Then, Peter talks about this life experience, how we choose our life path and the agreement we made with other souls before we decided to come here. Peter explains more about "the life selection room" and the after death life review process. Is life on this planet a kind of "Total Recall" experience? Is it a technology that places us in bodies? We also talk about the process of change, letting go and karma. Later, Peter discusses DNA and how you choose your body, the circumstance of your birth place and time of birth. We end talking about the council of elders. Topics discussed: hybrid souls, learning lessons, time speeding up, Edgar Cayce, recalling Atlantean lifetimes, heaven or hell, choosing our life path, deal between souls, life selection, the life selection room, Total Recall, free will, process of change, karma, how to break out of the reincarnation cycle, thinking instead of feeling, the heart chakra, religion & God, Michael Persinger, the god helmet, DNA, choosing your body, the circumstance of your birth, council of elders and more.


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