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Anthony Peake - Brain, Precognition, Time Dilation, Tulpas & Déjà vu
November 11, 2010
We explore the mysteries of our brain, consciousness and reality with author Anthony Peake. He has written, "The Daemon" and "Is there Life after Death?" Also, he is currently writing three books on related topics and working with a film project about Joan of Arc. Anthony has an interest in the déjà vu, near death and out of body experiences. With these topics as a background we tie in his recent interest in DMT, precognitive dreams, perception of time and neurology. Topics discussed: out of body experiences, Rick Strassman, Mitch Shultz, DMT, pineal gland, microtubules, zero-point energy, outer space is inner space, Psychonautics, wormhole, the brain, inners space, neurology, hard problem of consciousness, signals, holographic brain, filers, the field, skinner, empiricism, J. B. Priestley's letters, "Time and the Conways", "Man and Time", time machine, time dilation, 1952 Farnborough air show DH.110 crash, precognition, precognitive dreams about 9/11, Coup Party Music 9/11 precognition, déjà vu, bohmian Imax, Art Funkhouser, 3D simulation, zero point field, jump between world, "Butterfly Effect", Tom Campbell, "My Big Toe", the Virgin Life, buffering effects in the brain, perception of time near time, temporal lobe epilepsy, Joan of Arc and more. In the second hour, Anthony shares his experience with a new device called the "Lucid Light Stimulator". The release of DMT in the brain is sending people into an altered state of consciousness. Many people who go on these internal journeys in the dreamscape have strange experiences, sometimes encountering beings or entities called Tulpas of "thoughtforms". Some can be quite scary and even dangerous. We also discuss dreams, the God helmet, sleep paralysis, the nectar of transcendentalism, the exomatic state and Anthony's film project on Joan of Arc. We compare it to movies like Inception, Memento and Vanilla Sky that touch upon the similar area. More Topics Discussed: Robert Monroe, Tom Campbell, Waldo Vieira, dangerous entities, Tulpas, subconscious, dreamscape, coincidence, synchronicity, remembering dreams, Michael Persinger, "God Helmet", sense presence, Henry Fuseli, "The Nightmare", sleep paralysis, pineal gland, 49th day of gestation, nectar of transcendentalism, hypnotism, LL-stimulator, Lucia 3, experiences with LL simulator, DMT release, Somascope, MSG sensation, Hemi Synch Device, exomatic state, Christopher Nolan, Inception, Memento, Vanilla Sky and Joan of Arc.


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1952 Farnborough Airshow crash

Books & DVDs
The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret SelfIs There Life After Death?
Man and Time By J B Priestly

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