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Stephen Ruback - Beware: the Aquarian Age, The Masculine & The Feminine
May 14, 2009
An eclectic, Jungian-based psychologist, Dr. Rosengarten is the Director of Moonlight Counseling in Encinitas, California. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco writing the first accredited dissertation on the tarot (1985), entitled: Accessing The Unconscious: A Comparative Study of Dreams, TAT, and Tarot. Art has been a practicing psychotherapist for three decades and a leading voice in the modern tarot movement. Art joins us to talk about tarot, psychology and the Tarot of the Nine Paths. Topics Discussed: psychology, Jung, dream work, divination, present moment awareness, interpreting dreams, origins of the tarot, sand play therapy, figurines, externalize the internal, water and psyche, creativity, gods, goddesses, archetypes, monotheism, polytheism, the unconditioned mind, "Post-Tarot", a deck of 30 cards only - the Major Arcana, quaternity, The Traveler, Minor Arcana, suit cards, the conditioned mind, human neurosis, problems of the modern age, freedom and individuality, the western world, universal quality, indigenous cultures, indigenous gods and archetypes, global monoculture and The Perennial Philosophy. In our members section, Art speaks about the importance of nine, the number itself and what it represents. We'll also discuss the shadow aspect of ourselves, the ego, death wishes, polarization, the unconscious mind and illusion. More Topics Discussed: seven, the matrix of the nine paths, individuation, self-realization, The Hermit archetype, symbolism of nine, magical properties of nine, collective archetypal energies, zodiacal Energies, The Empress, Mother Mary, Catholicism, The Tower Card, WTC, rite of passage, reverse symbolism, false sense of security, awareness, apocalypse, objectivity, subjectivity, reality, official history and the alternative view, belief system, tarot constellations, universal principles, calendar systems, tarot matrix, interdependency, power of now, transpersonal psychology and sudden enlightenment.


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