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Terry Boardman - Mapping the Millennium, Anthroposophy & Power of the Trinity
April 23, 2009
Terry Boardman is a writer, lecturer, translator and researcher who lives in the West Midlands, Britain. He is the author of "Mapping the Millennium - Behind the Plans of the New World Order". In this program, Terry talks about the "Meta Picture" of the new world order and the importance of the third millennium. Topics Discussed: national conditioning, individual vs. community, east and west, Christianity, yin-yang, Ecumenical Council, reincarnation, the year 869 the split between the west and east, Francis Bacon, technology and religion, science and progress, the Dark Ages, the church, science of the individual, enlightenment, esoteric Christianity, the role of technology, materialism, Christ, Economist magazine of London and Muslim reformation. In our second hour for members, Terry continues talking about the challenge that we all face entering into the third millennium. We discuss spiritual geopolitics and the east and west (US and Russia). Then, we discuss binary systems vs. the power of the trinity. Terry speaks about the new world order plans/subversions and the true desire for harmony and balance in the world. Terry also talks about the life of a child and how it can be viewed in seven cycles. Topics Discussed: 33 and a 3rd, 7th year cycle, 9th year cycle, ego, hierarchy of the church, Anthroposophy, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, karma of untruthfulness, the first world war, The Economist magazine and Bilderberg meetings, conflict of spirit and ideas, age of Michael, League of Nations, United Nations, shepherds, Berien Society, age of Aries (Romans), age of Pisces (Germanics), age of Aquarius (Slavs), Chinese and Muslims, Europe, US, the decimation of Russia, power of the trinity, liberty, equality and brotherhood and the challenge living in the third millennium.


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Books & DVDs
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Mapping the Millennium: Behind the Plans of the New World Order

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