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Secrets of the Galaxy 5 – Grandpa Betelgeuse
2006 05 03

By Christopher Moors |

“Stars eventually leave their old bodies to have new and greater experiences even as humans do. I am currently in the protracted process of slipping out of the red supergiant that you see in Orion’s shoulder and have called Betelgeuse. When I have fully escaped and the blooming of the lotus of my life in this vehicle for expression unfolds, you will see a supernova flash across your sky screen. Even from your small planet Earth it will be an extremely noteworthy event. At this time, all I have learned will be released and those that are receptive will feel a tremendous influx of energy.

Having known most of the beings in this area of the Milky Way since they were born, I am relating in the manner that you humans might call 'grandfather' to those around me. Much of my energy is retreating inwards, but I still keep half an eye open to what is being created in the space around me. Sometimes I even have a look towards humanity to see if there is anyone I can have a chat with. I am always up for a cosmic tea party. What we share does not have to be of the most ultimate nature. Many of the stars go on and on about the Source and when they communicate with humans, they are always bringing the conversation to a knife’s edge.

I’ve been through so much that it is nice to simply be here and say hello. Intensity has its proper place and that is why the younger stars are naturally driven to manifest this in the necessary ways. After watching so many things occur, you develop a distance in your perspective. This inner space makes relaxation possible because no matter what happens, part of me is not involved. If you can learn a talent from me regarding how to approach your life, this would be it. As a silent observer, you are present, you reflect things exactly as they are, and you do not surrender part of your being to passing phenomenon.

Let me take you on my celestial knee for a moment. Sweet star children, the Universe is a marvelous place! Never forget that you belong amongst the stars and that the whole Existence is your home. You are never alone, you just sometimes feel like you are. Remember that we have always been here and always will be in some form. Seasons change, and many things rise and fall. The Love that brings two friends together never fades away. It has been my pleasure for us to connect. I shall never forget you and I pray that you remember me.”

~Christopher Moors

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