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Secrets of the Galaxy I: Sirius gets Serious
2006 03 06

By Chris Moors |

"As an elder in this part of the Galaxy, I would like you to know a little more about your Sun from my perspective. You could almost consider me an Uncle to your Sun, therefore a Great Uncle to you. Your Sun, though brilliant, would be considered about a teenager to speak in Human terms. He has some amazing thoughts, and we are very pleased with His Creative work for the most part. You may have noticed the phenomenon of solar flares and how they are increasing? Well, these could be considered emotional growing pains the Sun is having and unfortunately it is having a distinct and profound impact on your mother Gaia, and upon life on Earth.

Things will be okay and we are here to give the Sun, your father, Love and assistance in His own transformation. Through and beyond these temporary darker overtones is a higher consciousness for the Sun and this is being transferred into the open hearts of Humans on Earth. You are for the first time being given the capability to sync up completely with your father. His thoughts will be yours and we the Stars in the Galaxy can then communicate directly to you all. Many of you are destined to go even farther when all lessons have been learned in your Solar System. There are many other star systems and planets with so many experiences to have!

I have been in contact with Humanity often in the past. The Atlanteans knew me, the Egyptians knew me, the Greeks knew me, and many native peoples were blessed by my deep ancient wisdom. Would you not think that many would say hello to the brightest star in your sky? I am always communicating with you. All of us stars have voices. Learn again to listen to the messages we have never stopped transmitting. You fill your precious subtle minds with such static. Get away from the artificial lights and break free from the background noise. Get back to Life in Nature and see things as they were in the beginning, for each day this eternal truth is born anew.

It is such a pleasure to transmit this message. We have been following the ascension process many of you are going through and are greatly encouraged to see you building such fast and steady friendships with each other. Keep the faith and stand strong together in what you are doing. It is the right direction and the way the awakening miracle is going to occur on your planet. Light is expanding in every direction. One person reaches another and another and another. Soon you will be shining stars in your own right and you will take your place next to us in space. So many blessings are afforded the living. I am sure you and I will be friends for thousands of years."

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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