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Prophecy and Free Will - A Message From the Elders of Sirius
2005 07 31

By AJ Ferrara |

Sirius A & B
Of course you have heard of the end time prophecies that have been revealed from so many sources as to seem almost inevitable. The Bible, Nostradamus, and even the Hopi have put forth similar stories of what might occur as the end times approach. As the guardians of your Akashic Records, we, the Nine Elders of Sirius implore you to replace the word prophecy, with the word POTENTIAL...

So we speak now, not of prophecy but of potentials. Is it possible for you to envision the level of change that has occurred on Earth since the Dawn of the Age of Light? Despite all that you see occurring within the darker energies that work to maintain the old ways, know that the change in the mass consciousness of Earth has been great. Now, imagine that great change as just a spec of light compared to the changes that are yet to come.

We have stated that 2003 is the year when amazing events will begin to reshape the world, as you have known it. Yet, even now, those of us that nudge you along your path and those of the higher realm who guide you toward the rebirth, only view the potentials of what may occur. Already, in the last 5 years, the prayers and intent of many have prevented such cataclysm as world war, nuclear annihilation, violent weather patterns and devastating earthquakes in sensitive areas of the planet. This does not mean that these events may not still occur but merely that the intent of the masses was able to prevent them through the co-creation of a reality that served their highest good.

Now we know that you are curious, that you wish to say, "Tell us Elders, what are the potentials? What will occur and what must we do?" To these questions we will respond, but know that it is only the path of the journey that you choose. Some paths may be open and full of joy while others will provide many lessons, along with much pain and anguish, or any number of choices in between. Yet, know that the spirals of time again approach their zenith. The Earth Goddess, by virtue of her divine agreement with The Creator, has made her choice and has her own plans for ascension into the Fifth World in 2012.

Belial in the New World by Wayne Barlow
As many of you have already done, we first urge you to pray. Pray for peace. Pray for your higher good and that of all your brothers and sisters. When you place your intentions into the cosmos, the laws of the universe grasp onto them and return them as a manifestation of your reality. Especially now, as time races forward, your intent will manifest more quickly than you can imagine and this is important, for beginning in 2003 through 2007, the potential for war and nuclear destruction will grow. You see the portents of this in your current events but you are never told the whole story. Power and greed will drive these proceedings, if they occur, and the potential for devastation in many parts of the world is great. The cities you call Islamabad, Jerusalem, New York, Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles and Seoul may become at particular risk in certain moments. The Son's of the Belial who have returned and are in power in many areas at this time, do not wish to leave quietly.

The timing of such horrors would be based in free will, the choices made by many as days turn into months and months into years. However, we ask you to maintain vigilance during the time of April through September 2003, August through November 2004, and February through June of 2007. Remember, that the intent of the masses can change any outcome and the angelic beings that watch over you can only provide their assistance when requested. If the souls of Atlantis are successful in their healing efforts, then the consciousness of humanity will be such that this potential may be avoided.

This moment of time, 2003-2007 is most important for the outcome will have great bearing on what may occur in 2007-2010. We view a potential where the onset of a world war by 2007, would cause a collapse of the global economic system, along with immense loss of life from nuclear and biological fallout. The United States of America would cease to exist as a country when the people rebel against their government out of the frustration and horror that now surrounds them. The battle for control of the lands of the Middle East will have ended, for everything will have been incinerated in a nuclear holocaust. China and Russia, as the remaining powers, will become enemies as they vie for control of the planet. As this occurs in the material world, the Goddess will again be forced to cleanse herself as she did 13,000 years ago and while this would not be as severe as the end times of Atlantis, there would be many quakes and extreme weather which would make life in certain parts of the world even more difficult.

Then, after four years of pain and suffering, the remaining people of Earth would begin to realize that the prophecies had come to pass, that the time of purification was ending and now the time was at hand for the rebirth. Only then would humanity join as one and begin to prepare for the world that would follow; where they could now release their fears and open their hearts to a new paradigm of light.

Of course, it does not have to be so. This is but the worst of potentials. Another potential might lead down a path where more and more of humanity awaken each day and the mass consciousness is able to create a portal of safe passage through the next ten years. A portal where all the peaceful people around the globe rise up to exclaim that peace on earth is what they desire, thereby forcing those who would wage war for profits sake, out of power. A portal that will allow for your star brothers and sisters to make their presence know to humanity as many more of the ships you call UFO's are seen in the skies above populated areas, as it was in the early days of the Fourth World. A portal in which each divine spark of life awakens to their higher purpose and great care is given to the preparation of our emergence into the higher consciousness of the Fifth World. A portal where the Earth Goddess receives blessings from her children, as they assist in her purification by turning away from that which poisons and bleeds her, and begin to utilize more natural means of energy. A portal in which each of our children understands that all is connected to the One and the time of separation and fear is ending.

We see that the Heyokas, the 144,000 wayshowers are all in physical embodiment at this time, and almost half of these souls have awakened from their cosmic amnesia to assist in opening this portal of energy. Many more journey toward their recognition each day and each strives to heal the Goddess with their own unique gifts. When three fourths of the Heyokas have awakened to their higher purpose, a greater acceleration of humanity's consciousness will begin to occur; so the potential for passage through this portal is clear...

There are endless potentials. The journey to completion may have many roads but all roads lead to the moment that the Hopi and the Maya have long awaited. The moment that Thoth the Atlantean knew would arrive when he created the light grids and etheric temples across the planet at the end of the Third World. The moment when the Goddess would finally free herself from the heavy frequencies of the 3D realm. There are endless potentials, but the journey to completion ends on the winter solstice, December 21, 2012 and we ask you to imagine this event not as a potential but as a joyous celebration and a new beginning, for from our vantage point it has already occurred.

This excerpt from The Fifth World, by AJ Ferrara, was written in 2002, but seems quite appropriate for today.

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