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Edgar Cayce’s Back in a Body and Explaining Ascension by Wynn Free
2005 04 23

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By Wynn Free

I am the principal author of the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I began writing the book in 2000 and was incredulous as to the significance of what was occurring for David Wilcock, who is the purported reincarnation of Cayce. Although there is no scientific criteria in place to prove a case of reincarnation, the circumstances of Wilcock’s life have linked him to Cayce with a huge body of circumstantial evidence, including prognosticating and channeling ability, extremely similar resemblance, and corresponding astrological charts (born on the one day of 127 years where all the personal planets are in the same signs). Wilcock’s source even guided him to relocate to Virginia Beach (the location of the Edgar Cayce institute) in 1998 so he could fulfill Cayce’s own prophecy of returning in 1998 and living in Virginia Beach.

But the story of the Wilcock/Cayce connection, amazing as it is, is far overshadowed by the import of the story which Wilcock is bringing forth in present time. Wilcock’s source and by association, Cayce’s, has identified itself as a group soul of millions of individual souls who once had bodies like ours on Venus. They have explained their role as an oversoul for our planet and are making themselves available to assist humankind in what they call a dimensional shift. This dimensional shift is part of a pattern which has been programmed into the evolutionary timeline of our planet and connects very directly with the Mayan calendar end date of 2012 and the ascension prophecies of Jesus.

In understanding how this works, there is a unified field of energy radiating from the galactic center which is the precursor to all life and the physical/material world. This unified field has been identified as etheric energy, prana, and shakti by metaphysical/spiritual people and pervades all time and space but is not equally distributed. It has peaks in intensity every 75,000 years and we are in that peak right now with 2012 being the year of highest intensity.

The implications of this energetic upgrade are quite profound and much of the turmoil and unrest happening in the world are directly related as the shadows of mankind’s past are surfacing in what might be termed a “collective dark night of the soul.” But the group soul explains how it can all lead to a happy ending.

I realize how far out this sounds and it’s not to be believed blindly. >From the time I began writing the book in 2000 until now, I have had numerous personal validations that the book is bringing forth accurate information. I’ve watched many of Wilcock’s predictions fulfill themselves. The book presents a slow steady build, backing up the possibility of these incredible premises, starting with the case for the Wilcock/Cayce connection and ending with the direct messages from the group soul speaking through Wilcock to mankind. Many readers believe they have made their own direct connection with the group soul, who calls itself Ra, after reading the channeled messages in the book. David Wilcock, when asked by Ra to present ascension, has done extensive compilation of current research showing that the entire solar system is undergoing an unprecedented transformation over the past 50 years with planets getting brighter, pole shifts on other planets, and much more. Plus, it should be obv ious to everyone that our planet is in the midst of extremely unusual weather patterns, increased frequency of natural disasters, as well as huge solar flares.

The story of Edgar Cayce reads like science fiction, but his work has stood the test of time. If Cayce has come back, we might expect more of the same, with explanations for current earth affairs rivaling the most far out fantasy. As I was writing the book, I had no idea how readers would respond, but there’s a growing number of more liberal Christians who have concluded that this story is probably the most accurate explanation of what Jesus meant by rapture, ascension, and the second coming. Excuse me if this sounds like an advertisement for the book, but I have the conviction that those who read it will be far more prepared to understand and face the next few years, as we observe the playing out of so many negative agendas in seeming control of our planet’s destiny at this juncture of time. If you’ve ever considered that there really are higher forces that might be available to assist us and answer our prayers, and you want to know how it really works, you might find out in the pa ges of this book, without the requirement of religous conviction or blind faith. Check out my website for more information or get the book at your local outlet.


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