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Solar System Secrets 4 - Star Gate to Pleiades
2005 07 04

By C. Moors |

7 Sisters become 7 Chakras making up 7 colors of the rainbow. They branch into nerve systems sheathed within a protective layer of skin. Earth and Water meet in such perfect balance that Air and Fire can not help but breathe them into life.

The Pleiadian connection to Ancient Atlantis and the Golden Era of Egyptian Civilization must be emphasized. Atlantis strikes such a wondrous chord in the heart of humans because it hearkens back to a time when souls remembered where they came from. Starlight still twinkling in their mind, they made use of crystals to deepen their meditation and energize resource transference devices.

From the Pyramidal-shaped Crystal Temple in the Center of the City, Atlantians freely traveled from this planet through a Grand Star Gate left for them by their Seed Planters from the Pleiadian Star System. Where they went was not a physical place. The Angelic Pleiadians exist on the 6th dimension, so in order to communicate with the 3rd dimension, the symbolic language of the 4th dimension dream plane is used as a crossroads. This process is familiar to any who has Channeled Spirits, has had Lucid Dreams, OBEs, or to those who have undertaken a Vision Quest as described by Shamans.

Surrounding the Crystal Temple in nature modeled architectural geometry, were 12 Celestial Temples representing the Archetypes of Ancient Astrology. Within each ornately adorned structure was held one of 12 Lesser Star Gates. When the Catastrophic Events began to occur as both scientist and mystic alike predicted, many Atlantians permanently left the 3rd dimension through the magic portals. The 12 Caretakers of the Celestial Temples were left behind to destroy their corresponding Star Gates, as Princess Atalanta herself remained to ensure elimination of the Grand Star Gate.

The long planned procedure was to annihilate all 13 Gates so that no Terrestrials of Gaia would ever get their hands on this awesome Cosmic Technology. Following completion of demolition, they were to fall upon their newly polished, 100 hours of sunlight charged, silver swords and give up the ghost. All did as was predestined but One.

The most Intelligent of the Caretakers, who had secretly established a cult of his own, ordered 6 loyal men to take the Star Gate under his protection to a waiting ship. He and his followers had spent the last 7 years building this stalwart vessel after the Caretaker had a divine revelation about founding a Great Empire following the demise of Atlantis. With 20 men and 30 women, they boldly set sail as the remnants of the island fell into the Sea.

Many years later near what would some day be called Alexandria, a 21 year old Egyptian scribe name Nefu found several broken pieces of what appeared to be a relic from some forgotten land, wash up on the morning sand. He hurriedly carried them back home to his older brother who was blacksmith to the Pharaoh. With much effort, they forged the pieces together to form a very large incomplete circle. Satisfied that they had done all they could, they brought the strange and wonderful artifact before the Ruler of the Ancient World.

Mighty Pharaoh decided on transporting the intriguing item to the Great Temple to consult with High Priest Termus. Before they even arrived, a running Termus met them shouting, I have heard. I have heard. We must find the missing piece! A major effort was immediately undertaken to scour the beach. By the time the piece was recovered, the main body of the mysterious circular structure had been propped up in the front of the Temple under the watchful Eye of Ra.

When the Final Stone was put into place, the Star Gate reawakened with a lurch, causing a collective gasp as it became electrically invigorated and began emitting a soft steady hum. Soon the first brave warriors made contact with the Pleiadians, interpreted their Symbols according to themselves, and interwove these messages with accurate depictions of a Self-Conscious Sun to create a Mystical Awareness Method that lasted 4000 years.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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