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Solar System Secrets as told by the Sun
2005 06 05

By C. Moors |

"The pyramid builders first interacted with humanity’s 3rd generation on the planet Mars. It was generally known and accepted that 'aliens' were coming and going frequently. Since it was a part of everyday life, not many found it odd.

The artificial moons Demos and Phobos were 'Eyes in the Sky' put in place by the rulers to enforce societal law. Culture was much like the Ancient Egypt that you have caricature descriptions of in your text books. In fact, the seeds of this nuance come from Pleiadies where the Astral Version of this Theosophy resides.

It was not war that destroyed the civilization of Mars. Their orbit simply moved too far out to sustain the balance that they had enjoyed for 18,000 years. The water began to dry up and food could no longer grow. Air was becoming toxic as the shaking of the magnetic field caused volcanoes to blow. The remaining survivors came up with the ‘Adam and Eve project’ to save their species and then turned to the pyramid builders for help.

Placing representative DNA samples in transportable containers, the pyramid builders offered to deliver the specimens to the next red planet in, Earth. Ever since then, they have been interfering with the development of humanity. On Mars, the people knew the pyramid builders and were considered partners on an equal basis. On Earth, the pyramid builders have used the people’s forgetfulness to enslave them and make them into servants. Opportunists above all else, it was their cruelty and disregard for spirit which enabled the Giza monuments to be built.

In a previous incarnation, Hitler was a pharaoh and representative of the pyramid builders. He remembered these times and their dramatic magnitude. He could not escape the megalomaniacal visions that consumed him. With like disregard for the suffering of incarnated spirit, he drove the people by the whip of his stinging words and deathly serious sense of purpose.

Now as the Earth begins to move out past the line of equilibrium that Mars did in that age so long ago, humanity has to consider something new. Put together all the experience that you have gained and create the Utopian civilization on Venus. It is not coincidental that humanity named her after the Goddess of Love. She will be the realization of all of our dreams – the true lady liberty. Once the final transition has occurred, blessings will be upon you and peace will at last remain for a long enough period to enjoy it.

Eventually you will use the moons of Saturn as a platform to the rest of the Universe. Allow yourselves to think much bigger. Your technology will follow your vision and conviction. There are many ways to look at things and much better propulsion systems on the horizon. Whatever you do, do not take the pyramid builders with you to Venus.”

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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