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Secrets of the Galaxy 4: Antares, Heart of the Scorpion
2006 04 08

By Chris Moors |

“Even as the human body takes on the form of your character, so too does the color and brightness of a star reflect the qualities of the being exuding this energy. Wake up to the truth that conscious life is all around you and your progress as a species has been observed since your conception. I’m not one of the nicest of stars in the sky but I am one of the most intense. There is much you can learn from me. With passion and depth of purpose, my thoughts contribute to structures that manifest throughout the Galaxy. Your thoughts can do the same when you are able to stand behind a vision and continue to work towards its realization. Experiments and failures are the path to success.

Ease yourself out of Time and you will find more happiness. Humans can never find peace until they are able to give up rushing around after unrealistic dream projections. From here it looks as if people are dizzy and keep tripping into obstacles they put in their own way. There are a few that come up to the sky for a breath of space. It is a whole different way of perceiving life in the Universe. If you are living against the clock, your time will run out; if you are living fully in the present, time does not apply. The more of ‘You’ is Here, the more will be experienced and the slower time will seem to move until one day you link into the flow of Aum through Existence and you are no more separate.

The Creator Source has a heartbeat which you and I both echo in our own pulsing nature. Creation is an ongoing masterwork that relies on cyclical rejuvenation. Creativity is a Holy wind breathing Life into matter…spirit into flesh. The rawness of Fire rips ignorance and the gentleness of the butterfly awakens imagination. No matter how many ways we characterize the Kingdom, it remains elusive to definition by always opening new portals. Like Existence, you too must open new portals. Your light is becoming too potent to keep in a jar anymore. You must give it room to shine or the compression will get greater and greater. You’ll see when you can breathe again and a song arises from the depths of your soul.

It would be tremendously helpful to humans if they could learn to develop the quality of Intimacy. They have harmed each other so much in their money games that trust is hesitant and for most takes much time. The purity of Life on Earth would have Humanity openly trusting each other and revealing the depths of their inner world freely without fear of condemnation and judgment. Each individual can find this place and live this way. If for some reason you are betrayed it has no effect because trust is an aspect of being not a behavior. In fact compassion can arise for the betrayer and the hurt they must be carrying. Inspire this quality in others by daring to live so insightfully and uninfluenced by passing storms.

The strength of a sword rings from its sheath. Save offensive strikes until absolutely necessary then strike completely. There are times in nature where one must push back. Struggle is part of what made you humans what you have become. Since most of you have protection for your bodies, the struggle has moved to your minds. If you could let this go and remember yourselves as the transcendent beings that traveled to this area of the Universe for a learning vacation, you would be able to solve your worldly problems near instantly. There is no lack of solutions, only a lag in societal evolution. We can see that it is slowly coming along. Many lights have become brighter, but huge groups have gotten darker as well.

You bright folks (who will be the more likely to receive this transmission) should consider building your own space ships. From here it is obvious that the clouds will clear up and Venus will host another Eden. Mars civilization was destroyed, but the seeds made it to Earth. The Adam and Eve project specimens joined with the native inhabitants of Earth and were able to survive, and eventually thrive. The Earth’s vibrations soothed the troubled souls that began incarnating and it seemed as if Earth would be the place for you all to heal. Then the OUTSIDE INFLUENCE occurred and early behavior patterns were reawakened causing humanity to veer wildly off developmental course.

You were supposed to be moving out into the Solar System by now. Your few probes are a meager extension of your eyes and ears. Many of you have dreams of going farther. This is possible. Become aware of the higher realms and bring this in when considering how to deal with the future. Adapt what you see in Existence to the tools you have at your disposal to create artifacts in harmony with the Tao. Then you will have efficiency and beauty. It is not often that I get to speak to humans with human words and I am satisfied that we have touched upon a few of the deeper realms. Many of you have communicated telepathically with me before and a couple of you knew me before this incarnation. I was once a marvelous giant planet much like your Jupiter and Saturn if merged as one and twice the size. I orbited the grandest of stars Helicon…”

~Christopher Moors

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