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Secrets of the Galaxy II: Rigel’s Revelations
2006 03 23

By Chris Moors |

"From my unique position in Orion I have been able to see a lot of what you humans on Earth might call Juicy Galactic Gossip. Again and again I have watched as those lizards cruise by on the way to give you a visit and tinker with your DNA. One thing they want to do is reemphasize medulla power and strangle the creative energies that arrive through the higher parts of the brain. Hammering on the humans they have been able to dull many by pushing the soul right out of the body. Thinking only in terms of security and survival, the darkness of fear activates the repressions in many and locks them in on themselves. Cut off from the Source, their Soul begins to suffocate and die.

De-evolution to the instinctual animal is being resisted by light workers who are desperately attempting to wake sensitive people up. Showing the people how to heal and reclaim their individual power is what they were sent to Earth to do. They come from other parts of the Galaxy such as the Pleiadian and Andromedan areas of Space. Many beings from many frequencies are on the Earth at this time. From where I am, you can see them arrive, and then dive into the portal of incarnation. Human bodies are the vehicles for travel on Earth; they in no way indicate the greater continuity of your being. Your energy body remembers what it is like to fly through the Stars.

You would not have been allowed to enter the Earth experience unless you were in some way prepared for it. Normally you think in terms of your Earthly existence being Life, and death being the end of it. From where I am, it looks like you are orbiting the Earth and keep swooping in for a closer look…to enjoy the fruits of the Garden. There are some among your company that hang out high above the others, silently watching over them. They operate at greater time intervals and drop in on occasion to assist in the progressing of events. They also counteract some of the lower level demon influences that continue to nag humanity due to the suppressed emotional states of most people.

It is a joy to see that some humans are beginning to peal away the limitations of 5 sense perception and open up the secret surprise that was always inside. You are so close to evolving to the next stage of your species’ destiny. Some of you are already there and so make it easier for the others. Even as Buddha arrived home and Jesus opened a gate for the Sons and Daughters of God, so too each of you who attains to realization makes it that much easier for the others because you are all connected and the raising of one’s vibrations raises all others. We stars always send you supportive energy. You dream when you gaze upon us, because the wonder that is awakened is your own Soul potential.

Remember Rigel as your friend. You can communicate with me anytime day or night. It is easy if you believe you can do it and are patient enough to establish the link. Even if we resonate silently together, we can share many journeys through the Universe. I will do what I can to facilitate your transformation. I will introduce you to the other stars that I know and we will always be together as a family. I Love you. Open up your Heart to receive my gifts and brilliantly we will shine as One. There will be more stories another day, and until that time, I wish you well and look forward to all things that are potential becoming actual. The game goes on and things are starting to turn in your favor."

~C. Moors

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