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Bob Dean - NATO's "Assessment" of Alien Life & The Impact of Disclosure
September 8, 2011
Bob Dean retired from the US Army as a command sergeant major after a 28 year career. While being stationed in France in the 60's, he had top secret clearance working in the "war room." Dean claims to have read a COSMIC Top Secret NATO Study called the "Assessment" while serving in the Operations Center of NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE). This NATO military study acknowledged and analyzed the implications of the alien presence here on Earth. In this interview, Bob tells his story about the document that changed his life. In 1991, at the world's first UFO conference in Arizona, Bob broke his security oath and spoke out about the document and existence of aliens, which he says pose no threat whatsoever. He says aliens have been visiting and landing on Earth for centuries. Bob mentions the 1961 Brookings Report, the section titled, "Implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life," which examines the potential implications of such a discovery on public attitudes and values. We'll discuss the impact of full alien disclosure on planet Earth, including the government's role. Bob also tells us about his own alien visitations and belief that various ETs are distant relatives who serve as humanity's custodians. He says some of them are already walking in our midst. We end the hour with Bob talking about his remote viewing experience and he emphasizes his message that ET is not something to fear. In the second hour for members, Bob Dean starts talking about ETs concern for humanity. He'll talk about when and how they intervene and what knowledge they've been providing to humanity, including zero point and anti-gravity technology. Why has this technology gone into the wrong hands? We'll discuss UFO crashes as"gifts" of technology from ET, rather than accidents. Then, we talk about NASA, secret space programs, the Moon, Mars and cosmic war. Bob tells us about the various ET groups such as the Nordics, greys, reptiles, insect and humanoids. Some races do not like humans. Later, we move into the topic of alien abductions, or the"biological program" as Bob called it and what purpose it serves. He claims the abduction experience is no different than what we do to animals in a zoo. However, some unintended events happen, making it horrific to the abductees. At the end of the hour, Bob tells us about the galactic federation outside of our galaxy. He says our custodians are trying to help humanity transition as they did and there is a spiritual component involved.


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