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Klaus Dona - Unsolved Mysteries, Giants & Out of Place Artifacts
January 11, 2011
Klaus Dona joins us from Vienna, Austria to discuss the his "Unsolved Mysteries Tour", a rare collection of out of place artifacts and incredible objects. Some of these objects and statuets are millions of years old and some of them display other unique properties that place them in an unknown category. Where do they come from and who made them? We talk about some of Klaus' absolute favorite artifacts. Then, we talk about evidence for giants and the giant skeletons found in La Mana in Ecuador. Klaus also talks about the world map stone and a pyramid stone with thirteen steps crowned with an eye that glows under black light. Later, we move on to talk about a Pre-Sanskrit language, the Vikings, Vinland, the Kensington Runestone and Knights Templar in America, pre-Columbus and the conquistadors. In the second hour with Klaus Donna we discuss high civilization, Erik von Däniken and the "gods" from outer space. We also talks about the end of the Mayan calendar and other finds that date back to about 130 million years. Then, Klaus talks about the evidence for a pre-Sanskrit original language and original culture. Burrows cave and the Michigan Tablets specifically supports this theory. Later, we discuss the Nomoli, the Ica stones, dinosaurs and humans living together, the Colombian gold aircrafts, pyramids and underground tunnels. What happened to knowledge and why have we lost the connection with our past?


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