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Dennis Fetcho - The Isisian Codes
January 2, 2011
We have Dennis Fetcho with us to kick off our first program of 2011. He joins us from Jordan to discuss the Isisian Codes and the Illuminatus Observor. Dennis has spent nearly 20 years as an international marketing strategist covering fields as diverse as aerospace and telecom and Dennis has spent the last decade developing the Isisian Codes, a highly evolved form of Gematria in English that reveals the underlying mathematical philosophy of the Illuminatus. Follow along today as we talk about Gematria, the Hermetic Qabalah, Hebrew, the origin of the English language and how language relates to numbers, codes and mathematics. Later, we discuss how it can be used to both suppress and uplift. We proceed to discuss control of human beings with words in the second hour. How deeply are we affected and influenced by words and spells? Afterall, language is frequency and harmonics. We talk about good and evil, God and the Devil, Jehovah and Lucifer and try to revisit the dialectic relationship between these forces in our world. Can they be viewed from another perspetive? Later we look at letters as archetypes and continue to examine the Illuminatus Observor and the Isisian Codes.


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