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James Evan Pilato - Wikileaks, Assange, Pirates, False Flag Terrorism & Starwhackers
December 21, 2010
James Evan Pilato, based in Portland, Oregon is the Editor of Media Monarchy, Food World Order, and CyberSpace War. In the first hour of this program, James discusses Wikileaks, hackers, the cyber war and Internet censorship. The Wikileaks story has developed into a mainstream media monster. Then we talk about Julian Assange's strange past and connections to Anne-Hamilton Byrne's "White Brotherhood". Later we discuss Julian's Rape charges and Anna Ardin. Could Julian Assange be controlled opposition? Topics discussed: Media Monarchy, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, funding, operation payback, Open Society Institute, Anne-Hamilton Byrne, Sandoz, Pirate Bay, Pirate Party, Anna Ardin, Sofia Wilen, Valeri Salanos, Luis Posada Corteliaz, Israel and more. In our second hour we discuss "the Portland Patsy", false flag terrorism and TSA. Then, we talk about the naked body scanners. We examine the new intrusive technologies that are emerging and question what is next. Later, we talk about the strange and interesting story about Randy and Evi Quaid and "Starwhackers" in Hollywood. Don't miss this interesting continuation with James Evan Pilato from Media Monarchy. Topics Discussed: Black Friday, Portland Patsy, false flag terrorism, the Stockholm bomber, Tim Osman, underwear bomber, TSA, naked body scanners, transportation, intrusive technologies, transhumanism, Smart, Idiocracy, individualism, omni present system, Randy Quaid, "Starwhackers", Dave Chapel, Michael Jackson, Hollywood, looting the ship, the dirty hidden.


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