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John Anthony West & Laird Scranton - Göbekli Tepe, Egypt & The Dogon
October 12, 2010
IResearchers John Anthony West and Laird Scranton discuss Göbekli Tepe, a stone complex in southeastern Turkey that is believed to have been erected in the 10th millennium BC. John and Laird specialize in different aspects of ancient civilizations and share what they believe to be the origins of the site as well as the people behind it, the purpose of the erected stones and the meaning of the carved symbols and animals on the stones. This is a fascinating two-hour program that helps shed light on this mysterious site. Topics Discussed: the mystery of the Sphinx, archeology, evidence of an ancient civilization at Göbekli Tepe, symbolism, Dogon, Çatalhöyük, signature signs, Klaus Schmidt, cosmology, fox, serpent, hill with a navel, hill with a stupa, cosmic reproduction, primordial mound, discovery of the site, magic, ritual, The Temple of Man, ancient teachers and more. For our members, we continue our conversation with Laird and John discussing the connections between the Egyptian underworld, Dogon and Göbekli Tepe. We also discuss Göbekli Tepe as the possible place of origin for agriculture. Additionally, John and Laird discuss the origins of language, myth, legends and symbols. Where does the knowledge come from to erect such a site? Where do the ideas come from to carve the symbols and animals that can be found on the stones? Why was the site covered over in 8000 B.C.? Is the site a time capsule of some kind? What does the carbon dating of the fill say? Later, we talk about the dream world/spirit world and how the ancient people could have entered into it with the help of psychedelic substances like datura and ayahuasca. Don't miss this intriguing second hour. Topics Discussed: Egyptian underworld, Dogon second world, millet, origins of agriculture, site of initiation, ritual death, language, myth and legend, myth and symbol, Adrian Snodgrass, Buddhism, ayahuasca, dream world, spirit world, ancient Egypt, immortality, language, Hebrew, hieroglyphs, English, carbon dating the fill, time capsule, Chaco Canyon and more.


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21. Göbekli Tepe Reconstruction

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