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Michael S. Schneider - Constructing The Universe with 1 through 12, Nature's Numerical and Geometric Language
July 22, 2010
We look into numbers, structure, patterns, geometry, math and how the universe is constructed using the most simple yet energy efficient means. We'll discover the geometric code of nature with Michael S Schneider, author of "A Beginner's Guide to Construction the Universe - the Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science - A Voyage from 1 to 10". Michael S. Schneider is an educator and writer who encourages a "love of learning" through an appreciation of mathematics, nature, art and science. He holds workshops for teachers, artists, architects, and children on nature's numerical language. Michael has a Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a Master's Degree in Math Education from the University of Florida. He was a Fulbright-Hayes scholar in India and taught in public schools for eleven years. Topics Discussed: the mathematics of nature, energy conserving construction, nature, art, human, archetypal patterns, circles, triangles, trinity, math, geometry, art, architecture, proportions, ancient Egypt, why are we attracted to certain shapes and patters?, harmonious proportions, modern architecture, 11 the Daath in Kabala, digital root, 1 and 2 giving birth to numbers, 3,6 & 12, 4, 5 and 10 life numbers, 7,9,11 numbers of mystery, matter, pattern, platonic solids, the heart of every atom, pentagram, golden ration, spirals, Fibonacci numbers, holographic, fractal, fractal plants, Romanesco broccoli, photosynthesis, sacred architecture, seven, Islamic art, cathedrals, corporate logos, manipulation, church, attraction to sacred shapes and more.


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Books & DVDs
A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science
Constructing The Universe Activity Books - Volume 1 - A Voyage From 1 To 5
Constructing The Universe Activity Books - Volume 2 - A Voyage From 6 To 12
Constructing The Universe Activity Books - Volume 3 - Fibonacci Numbers And The Golden Mean
Constructing The Universe Activity Books - Volume 4 - Dynamic Rectangles
Constructing The Universe Activity Books - Volume 5 - Constructing The Cosmological Circle
How the World Is Made: The Story of Creation according to Sacred Geometry
The Dimensions of Paradise: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science, and the Heavenly Order on Earth
Secrets of the Stones: New Revelations of Astro-Archaeology and the Mystical Sciences of Antiquity

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