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Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows - The Venus Project, The Philosophy, The System & The Transition
July 15, 2010
"The Venus Project" was started in the mid-1970s by social engineer, industrial designer, futurist and inventor Jacque Fresco and his partner, Roxanne Meadows. The project focuses on holistic design of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management and advanced automation. Don't miss this program if you are curious to know more about "The Venus Project". It's been highlighted in the film "Zeitgeist Addendum" and the consequent "Zeitgeist Movement" has attracted millions of people worldwide. We discuss how the implementation of the Venus Project would work. Jacque talks about a resource based economy, city design, transportation, new technology, engineering, computers systems and artificial intelligence to take care of the maintenance work. Roxanne and Jacque share their philosophy behind the ideas of the project. Topics Discussed: Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist Addendum, The Venus Project, Venus Florida, economy, environment, education, politics, money system, energy systems, resource-based economy, are there enough resources worldwide?, globalization, corporations, Communism, Socialism, fear of the Venus Project, Stephen Hawking, alien, E.T., Earth resources, scarcity, military, war, machine takeover, decision making computers, robots, stupid jobs, utopia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, transition, politicians, Nationalism, geothermal energy, evolution, civilization, implementation through force and more.


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