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Antoine Gigal - Pyramids, Ancient Egypt, Boat Pits & The Flood
June 8, 2010
Antoine Gigal is a French writer and researcher, author of The Secret Chronicles of Giza and permanent correspondent in Egypt for the magazine L'Egypte. Her early years were spent in Africa and South America where her father worked as a journalist and then as a diplomat. She graduated in Chinese and Japanese languages and civilizations. She also studied Sanskrit, Latin and ancient Greek, and gained a reputation for translating ancient texts. She also speaks modern Egyptian, Spanish and Italian fluently. For the last 20 years she has lived mainly in Egypt and has explored all the most remote archaeological areas, especially those not yet open to the general public. Antoine joins us to discuss her work and research on Egypt and her theories concerning underground activity, subterranean chambers and boat pits at Giza and other parts of the world. Topics Discussed: Chinese pyramids, travels, French Egyptologists, language, archeology, Egypt in 3000 B.C., Egyptian book of the dead, Osiris, longer life spans, Anu, Amu, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Antediluvian civilization, Malta, Melita, Shemsu Hor, Zep Tepi, Nu, Thebes, water at Giza, Egyptian boat pits on the Giza plateau and more. In our second hour with Antoine Gigal we proceed to discuss the boat pits found at many pyramids. We talk about the pyramids as arks, as a device for surviving the flood. We discuss the subterranean chambers and the grotto under the great pyramid. Antoine also discusses the pyramids in Sicilia, Tenerife, Mauritius and Bosnia. Then, we talk about the influence of the Phoenicians. Later, we wrap things up talking about the Valley of the Whales in Egypt, Wadi el Hitan, an interesting area that many people never have heard of. Topics Discussed: boats, flood water, pyramids as the ark, primordial mound, pyramids rising out of the water, subterranean facilities, subterranean chambers, grotto, pyramids in Sicilia, Tenerife, and Mauritius, Phoenicians, Bosnian pyramids, Valley of the Whales and whale skeletons in Wadi el Hitan.


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