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Nigel Kerner - Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls, Genetic Engineering, Bloodlines, Races & DNA
February 28, 2010
Nigel Kerner is an author and freelance journalist. He has felt driven, from his young years, to expose the humbug and hypocrisy in modern scientific and religious and social thinking. His formal graduate education is in biomedical science and human behavioral psychology. His fascination with the puzzling and enigmatic phenomenon of UFOs resulted in his first book 'The Song of the Greys.' His latest book, 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls' is the second in a trilogy about the UFO phenomenon and its social repercussions on humanity. Nigel joins us for an exclusive first interview to discuss his research about the greys. Nigel introduced the notion of aliens known as greys coming to Earth, explaining that greys are sophisticated biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they have long since outlived. Kerner reveals that the greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit. Topics Discussed: paranormal activity, new age teachings, paranormal experiences, greys as biological robots, experiments on humans, robotic entities, abductions, the source material, aliens gathering information remotely, "God Burst", AI, dominion of death and more. In our members section, Nigel proceeds to talk about genetic engineering, the origin of the Caucasian race, albinos and Noah and the Biblical patriarch, as an Albion. Nigel says Noah's ark, with two of every animal, was part of a big genetic experiment and rebooting life on Earth. We talk about the research of Dr David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins, DNA databases, heterozygous and homozygous and advantages when it comes to genetic diversity. Then, we discuss the Nazi's and their eugenic experiments and the creation of a "new human", the Aryan super race and the alien race that have been termed the Nordics. Are the greys responsible for certain races on this planet? Later, Nigel talks about the hidden clues in the Nag Hammadi Library, the bloodline of Jesus and the power of will and choice. Topics Discussed: genetic engineering, albinos, Noah and his ark, genetic experiments, Dr David Jacobs, DNA databases, heterozygote and homozygous and advantages when it comes to genetic diversity, Nazi eugenic experiments, the creation of a new human, Aryan super race, Nag Hammadi Library, Jesus, bloodlines, royals, free will and so much more.


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Books & DVDs
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