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Kevin Randle - UFO Crashes, Sightings, The Roswell Incident & Majestic 12 Documents
December 24, 2009
Dr. Kevin D. Randle is a prominent ufologist. Within the UFO community he is often regarded as one of the preeminent experts on the reported crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. A professional writer with more than 80 books to his credit, Randle is perhaps best known for his books about UFOs and the Roswell story. While the vast majority of his books are science fiction and historical fiction, it's his books on the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 that have exerted an enormous influence on those interested in the saga. Kevin is also a combat veteran. Kevin joins Red Ice Radio to talk about the UFO enigma, crashes, sightings, Roswell & the validity of the Majestic 12 documents. Topics Discussed: Kevin's background, The Disclosure Project, UFOlogy, believers, debunkers and skeptics, Roswell, UFO's over Washington, Belgian sightings, misidentification, F-117, SR71, triangular shaped crafts, testing of new crafts, military development, the Norway blue spiral, a failed Russian missile, Montana movie, video and 3D programs, multiple chain of testimony, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Don Schmidt, official disclosure, malevolent threat, ghost rockets in Scandinavia, back engineered crafts, cracked the code of the craft, scientific interest in Earth and us, the abduction phenomena, hybrid program, David Jacobs, Bud Hopkins, John Mack, hypnotic regression, Cohen, the abduction enigma, Frank Coffman and much more. In the second hour with Kevin Randle, he talks about the validity of the MJ12 (Majestic 12) documents. We talk about the people involved in bringing the documents forward and the military generals that were mentioned in the documents. Kevin shares his research and thesis about the documents. Then, we talk about legitimate military investigations of the UFO phenomena and some of the different consequent projects such as, Sign, Saucer, Grudge, Blue Book, Moon Dust and Blue Fly. We discuss the Roswell crash and bodies that were found as well as other UFO crashes throughout history. Later, we talk about Kecksburg, the Shag Harbor sighting in Canada and others like the Phoenix lights. Topics Discussed: MJ12, Bill Moore, Jaime Shandera, Timothy Good, the smoking gun, Robert Willingham, Del Rio Case, the unholy thirteen, Arthur E. Exon, Van Numan, the Cutler/Twining memo, the Eisenhower briefing document, Dwight Eisenhower, Project Sign, Project Saucer, Project Grudge, UFO investigations, Project Blue Book, Project Moon Dust, Project Blue Fly, General Bowlander, Roswell crash, a crash in 840 A.D., Stan Gordon, Don Ledger, alien bodies at Roswell, Colonel Blanchard, the Kecksburg UFO incident, the Shag Harbor UFO incident, Phoenix lights and more.


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Books & DVDs
Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups
Invasion Washington: UFOs Over the Capitol
Case MJ-12: The True Story Behind the Government's UFO Conspiracies
The Roswell Encyclopedia

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