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Freeman - Obama, Cloning & The Coming Space War
August 13, 2009
Freeman is a radio host, presentation maker and explorer of the esoteric. He returns to the program to discuss his presentation, "Obama, Cloning & the Coming Space War". Freeman takes you on a rollercoaster ride of conspiracy and ancient technology. He postulates the theory that the Obama family may be clones of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Akhenaten and his mother Queen Tiye. Explore revelations of Lucifer, occult rituals hidden as political speech, and the acceleration of the weaponization of space for a coming space war. Topics Discussed: Michael Jackson, potential murder on St John the Baptist Day, mind preserving technology, robot, mind preserving MIT, St. Germain, genetic memory is retained, Blue Brain Project, transhumanist movement, Obama as the Anti Christ, Lucifer, Satan, Venus, the Bible as a blue print, Luciferians & magicians, technology, the power of backward masking, "Yes We Can", "Thank you Satan!", WWIII, constitutional convention, space war, Aries, Orion, HAARP as commentary attractor, Akhenaton, Apophis visiting Earth April 13th in 2029, star wars program, Verner von Braun, sea-based X-band radar, barium, Katrina, chemtrails, aluminum, 99942 Apophis and much more. For our members, we continue talking with Freeman about cloning, mummies, ancient and new technology. Freeman also talks about the monolith on Phobos, Buzz Aldrin and ET Disclosure. Topics Discussed: Obama and cloning, new religion, mummification, Vatican, Krypton, Dur-El, Sol Sender, Philipe Solus, Temple of Zeus in Germany, Victory Column, Seti's Tomb in Abydos, Stargate Atlantis/Obama admin look alikes, Fingerprints of the Gods, technology, Chris Dunn, Giza Power Plant, subterranean minerals, mica, gold, silver, quartz crystals, Teotihuacan, Earth and the grids as the computer device, capping the pyramid with a golden capstone, CERN, light into mass, "The Grid", light, the world as the technology, Apple, logo, forbidden knowledge, Superman, Ramses, Guy Fawks, Phobos grunt mission, Buzz Aldrin, Phobos, alien life, disclosure, E.T., Bicentennial Mall in Nashville, King Solomon seals to bind magic, Solomonical magic, 72 deamons, resonance, Bicentennial Mall State Park, black Earth, Goetia, invasion, incremental colonization, 2010: the year we make contact and much more.


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Obama, Cloning & The Coming Space War
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