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Lenon Honor - The Borg Agenda,The Sexualization of Technology & The Hive Mentality
July 26, 2009
Lenon Honor Films was established by Lenon Honor as an outlet to share his documentaries. His work explores symbolism, subliminal messages, spirituality, politics and entertainment. Lenon is also a musician. Lenon's research focuses on subliminal programming and manipulation within the media, music and television industry. Topics Discussed: subliminal programming in the media, screening media, TV and films for children, pedophilic contact in the movies, angels in the outfield, reclaiming our sight, hidden in plain sight, infinity, DNA, Wilson Brian Keyes, the age of manipulation, techniques for detecting the programming, slowing things down, feminization of men, hypnotic nature of television technology, theta waves, humans beings are multidimensional beings, the Borg agenda, transhumanism, the main agenda right now, robo-agenda, hive mind, worldwide mind, microchip telepathy, Borg queen, dominatrix archetype, A.I. systems, are men jealous of the female creative aspect? In our second hour with Lenon, we talk about family and the insect like hive mentality. Additionally, we discuss gender roles, the feminization of the male and the sacred feminine. Then, Lenon talks about pre-destiny. How do we remember why we came here? Later, we discuss the manipulative forces and non human entities controlling events on this planet. We round things up talking about futurists, transhumanism, the global agenda and how we can reactivate our dormant telepathic abilities. Topics Discussed: the human family, roles of the man and the woman, feminization of men, masculine and feminine, role reversals, the archetype of the hero figure, stars and celebrities, whore archetype, Katy Perry, homosexuality, fashion, the "Stupid" male, symbolism of the breast, the insect mentality, can we learn from technology?, intentions before Earth, technological philosophical ideas, specific tasks we choose to perform, your higher self, what if technology is the next step in human evolution?, conscious co creator, multi dimensional beings, manipulation of human consciousness, the mentality of a child, the futurists dream, the agenda of oneness, Kevin Warwick, reactivate telepathy and much more.


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The Age of Manipulation by Wilson Bryan Key, Ph.D.

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