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Neil Kramer - The End of the Fourth Age, Paradox, Sorcery & Fear
July 23, 2009
Navigating the ancient pathways of gnosis, esoteric knowledge, consciousness and the divine, writer, speaker & researcher, Neil Kramer from the Cleaver returns again. In this program, Neil talks about the end of the forth age, paradox, television & manipulation, and sorcery. Topics Discussed: Neil's excursions, Avebury, crop circles, star maps, devices, glyph messages, sun activity, Mayan and Aztec style glyphs, Quetzalcoatl, the galactic jellyfish, ancient aliens, sun as a jump-gate, are glyphs made by humans or aliens, old world, materialism, Blue Star Kachina, stars, seeds, The Hopi Prophecy rock, technological path & spiritual path, Mayan Calendar end time debate, toxic human presence, the natural process, the Kogi, personal vibration, the coming fifth age, a sixth and seventh age, the path we choose, communication, permaculture, TV, staying clear of mind control, healing, feminine energy and much more. Our second hour with Neil Kramer covers many topics. We begin talking about a possible upcoming catastrophe, the sun, cosmic radiation and a consequent transformation and mutation of the human species. What will happen to the people hiding in underground bases and bunker? We discuss sorcery and the power of paradoxes. Then, Neil talks about fear and how it is being harnessed by unseen forces as a source of power and energy. Later, we discuss the influence of television and media, how it contributes to increasing fear in the unconscious viewer. Topics Discussed: the double catastrophe, galactic center, Paul LaViolette, Blue Kachina, non humanoids, aliens, underground bases, the mystery of the Moon, frequency of consciousness, Global Seed Vault, Robert Plutchik, cognition, swine flu, negative resonators, the montage effect, shadow emotions, positive and negative charge, pan dimensional encounters, shamanic interpretation, light & shadow, Gnostic message of the Matrix Trilogy, imagination as a holographic generator, Don Juan, mem and mem-plex, words and spells, linguistics, vocabulary, Koan and much more.


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