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Neil Kramer - The Gates of Awakening & Polarity of Consciousness
September 4, 2008
Navigating the ancient pathways of gnosis, esoteric knowledge, consciousness and the divine, writer, speaker & researcher, Neil Kramer from "The Cleaver" is back. For the first hour, he talks about "The Gates of Awakening" and increasing polarity of consciousness, LRP flash analysis, field uplink and finding yourself. We begin to talk about the natural process of how consciousness is engaged, challenged and raised. Also, Neil talks about the different steps one can take to avoid getting stuck in one area or subject. Other Topics Discussed: cognitive dissonance, the programming language of reality, expansion, escape, imagination, The Akashic Field, remote viewing, shamanism, the brain, curiosity, quantum theory, integration and much more. For our members in the second hour, we continue or excellent conversation Neil Kramer about increasing polarity of consciousness. We discuss how those who walk the path of selfhood, gnosis and integrity are finding it harder and harder to relate to those with lower consciousness. This type of person may also find it diffcult to talk to people at work or at home. Is there a schism in humanity? Neil shares with us a microcosm version of this experience that he had in Glastonbury. We discuss the idea that the soul or the essence of a person is something that you create or locate during your lifetime and refine over many lifetimes. We talk about the concept of free will, the holographic universe, multiple universes, 4D experience, "echoes" from the future. Later, we talk about the "LRP flash analysis" and how the occult media spinners manifesting reality and enforcing their own world view with the help of unaware people.


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