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Christopher Moors - The Key to the Kingdom
February 24, 2008
Growing up in northern Michigan, Christopher's early interests included Greek mythology, dinosaurs, UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, sports, reading, and music. Spending 9 years in university life, Christopher Moors has a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. Calling it his Tibet period, Chris studied the religions of the world and every metaphysical text he could get his hands on. Absorbing the planet's knowledge on auras, chakras, tarot, the astral plane, entities on the other side, past lives, opening the third eye, kundalini, animal totems, archetypes, astrology, zen, tao, gurus, and mystical music, he experimented until meditation provided spirit the opportunity to flow in its most natural way. In this program, Christopher Moors from creativecosmos.org returns to Red Ice Radio for an interesting and laid back discussion about awareness, awakening and the key to the kingdom. More Topics Discussed: meditation techniques, being present, being an observer, the "body-suit," the five senses, 3D world, individuality, interconnectedness, book knowledge vs inner discovery, cosmic morality, astral planes, past lives, mistakes and realization, gods in the garden of Eden and remembering oneself.


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