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Craig Hines - Gateway of the Gods
June 17, 2007
Craig Hines joins us to discuss his book "Gateway of the Gods". Topic Highlights: the watchers, angels, Nephilim, Zecharia Sitchin, cuneiform, ancient texts, Michael S. Heiser, Elohim & elves, the shining ones, mighty men, The Tower of Babel - Babel the gateway of God, Etemenanki, Taro cards, Azazel, fallen gods, demons, bloodlines & the divine right to rule, albinos, Noah's father: a child of the watchers, the technology connection, the Pyramidion, gold, white powder gold, David Hudson, manna - food of the gods, Jesus, alpha & omega, Jesus and the serpent, dragon kings, the word dragon evolved into the word messiah, Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent, builders of the ancient pyramids, Jesus and The Morning Star, the pentagram, Jesus and Melchizedek, Salem & Jerusalem, and the power of symbols. We continue our conversation with Craig and talk about the true name of Jesus. Other Topics Discussed: the spiritual essence, Prometheus, the divine fire, Moses and the burning bush, The BenBen Stone & The Benu (Bennu) Bird, Mary Magdalene, "The Tower of Rebellion", language as a time machine, 2012 & the Venus transit, global warming, ancient cataclysms, Steven Hawkins, electronic voice phenomena, the afterlife, the realm of the dead as a "holding tank" for the spirit, the resurrection of the dead & end times, the end of the age, technology, communication with other dimensions, freemasons, alchemy and more.


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More on Venus and the pentagram & the pattern of Venus
The Birth of Venus

Gateway of the Gods: An Investigation of Fallen Angels, the Nephilim, Alchemy, Climate Change, and the Secret Destiny of the Human Race


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