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Michael Sharp - A Strong Theory of Consciousness, Consciousness & The Ascension Process
June 10, 2007
Michael Sharp returns to the program to talk about his booklet "My Mystical Big Toe, A Strong Theory of Consciousness and Creation". Topics Discussed: noetic sciences vs. Newtonian science, Michael's background in science and mysticism, the nature of the universe, The Big Bang, Princeton's Global Consciousness Project, quantum physics, perceptual abilities of animals & animal earthquake predictions, experiments with baby chicks influencing the movement of robots, signal transfer theories, field theories, self organizing morphic fields, Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, consciousness as the root of all things, the problem with boredom, the dream world or the fantasy of reality, the tree of consciousness, the holy trinity of creations, the placebo effect, and technological breakthroughs. We continue our conversation with Michael Sharp about the benefits of the "Strong Theory of Consciousness". Topics Discussed: the observer in physics, the placebo effect, consciousness as a healer, remote viewing, time as a non existing obstacle, the as above so below scale, doom and gloomers getting louder, the old & new infrastructures, 2012, creation moving in spirals, reincarnation & death, the evolution of spirit, language, geometry, information overload, art & music as a consciousness awakener, mainstream media and think transformation rather than collapse.


Relevant links
My Mystical Big Toe, A Strong Theory of Consciousness and Creation (pdf)
The Nature of God
Manifesting our Fears


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