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Alan Watt - Virginia Tech Shooting & UFO's/Fake Alien Threat
April 29, 2007
Alan Watt, talks about the Virginia Tech School Shootings. Highlighted Topics Discussed: control, surveillance, Columbine, the Montreal shooting, the gothic subculture, the SWAT teams, symbolic numbers in the VA shooting, April sacrifices - preparation for May, Manchurian Candidate, psychology as a means of controlling and changing society, SSRI's, anti-depressants, video games to train soldiers, gun control, security to monitor every individual, ID cards, frisking students, new weaponry, ethnic specific atomic weapons, the global society - mega cities, police and military, HAARP type weapons used in Gulf War 1 and 2, 2010 the American Union, 2012 the UN as the global government, depleted uranium and more. In our members section, Alan talks about the 1969 NASA Moon landings and says they were actually done in a studio; what we have been told about the moon landings is a lie. Topics Discussed: Moon gravity discrepancies, how NASA "Mooned America", the Moon car measurements, the history of NASA - part of the military, the Words NASA, NAZI, NSA, Cape Canaveral "Cain-Veral/Virile", the rocket, the Obelisk and The Ben Ben Stone, Big Ben, Rockefeller, Rock-Et = End Times for the Christians and Extra Terrestrial for the New Agers, Arthur C Clark - high mason, 2001 and the start of the New World Order, The Van Allan Belt, Ronald Reagan and the alien threat, abductions, thought/mind control by remote control, Uri Geller, 2010, China & Russia eyeing the moon, reasons for the space program, Project Bluebeam and HAARP holograms.


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