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Michael Tsarion - Movie Symbolism, The Tarot & Eschatology
March 15, 2007
Michael Tsarion gives his analysis on movie symbolism and messages. We begin talking about the TV series "The Prisoner" and explore films such as Superman Returns, V for Vendetta, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure and Apocalypto. Michael also talks about the origins of the Tarot. Topics highlighted: The Four Suits, L'emuria, H'ebrew, Golden Dawn, Rider-Waite Tarot, Golden Dawn's Book T, MacGregor Mathers, bubonic plague, gothic cathedrals, Ma'at Feather, L.A. Waddell, Ian Fleming, The Tarot and the standard playing card deck, Chess, Da Vinci, and the Catholic Church.


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