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Tim Binnall - Binnall on UFOlogy
February 11, 2007
Tim Binnall, founder of binnallofamerica.com and host of Binnall of America:Audio, talks about the field of UFOlogy. We begin talking about Tim's background and what first sparked his interest in this field, his website and his weekly radio show. Then we discuss a few recent UFO sightings (the O'Hare airport in Chicago and "the Phoenix Lights 2"). Tim shares his favorite sightings and the theories he favors concerning the UFO phenomena. Lastly, we discuss the "Fake Alien Threat" and if Aliens and ET's should always be connected with UFO's. In our members section, we begin talking about UFO conferences that Tim has attended. He expressed some concern about stagnating interest within the UFO field, especially among young people. Is this concern shared by people and researches attending the conferences? Also we discuss Men in Black, the Grey's, the abduction phenomena, South American UFOlogy, reptilians and the "Chupacabra". Lastly, we talk about the sense of anticipation that many seem to have about the future, not only about UFO's but also the esoteric, the spiritual and the paranormal. What is the scariest future scenario of all?


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