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Ken Rohla - Hour 1 - Natural Health, Free Energy, MLK Assassination

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News Picks
Symbolic cathedral made of cardboard unveiled
2013 08 16
A famous landmark church, among many other buildings, was destroyed in New Zealand during Christchurch’s devastating 2011 earthquake. Now in 2013, a replacement cathedral has been erected and unveiled and it’s drawing attention due to its unique design. The new $6 million cathedral, constructed in a massive triangle configuration, is composed mainly of cardboard. The design is unorthodox, as reported by NewScientist: Made ...
Upsalite: Scientists make ’impossible material’... by accident
2013 08 16
Researchers in Uppsala, Sweden accidentally left a reaction running over the weekend and ended up resolving a century-old chemistry problem. Their work has led to the development of a new material, dubbed Upsalite, with remarkable water-binding properties. Upsalite promises to find applications in everything from humidity control at home to chemical manufacturing in industry. Maria Strømme and colleagues at Uppsala University, ...
Stroke patient who can’t feel sad: Condition leaves man permanently happy
2013 08 15
Malcolm Myatt always looked on the bright side of life. But the grandfather is now in a permanent state of happiness – after a stroke left him unable to feel sadness. The stroke interfered with the part of Mr Myatt’s brain that regulates emotional responses, leaving him liable to erupt in a fit of giggles at the most inappropriate of times. He ...
Historical Dishonor: Towns Stuggle with Citizen Hitler
2013 08 15
Red Ice Creations: Is removing Adolf Hitler from the ranks of a German town’s Honourary Citizen list revisionist history? Is it in any way ’making amends’, or is it a denial of the past? Should the choices of past generations forever condemn the sons and daughters of today? Many towns in Germany are now struggling to achieve a truthful balance. --- Spiegel Online reports: ...
New Species of Mammal Discovered in Andes
2013 08 15
For crytpozoologists and mysterious-animal researchers, the recent discovery of a new mammal gives support to the idea that just because we haven’t found a certain creature yet (ie, sasquatch or chupacabra), it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. As observed by Kris Helgen, curator of mammals at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History: "The discovery of the olinguito shows us that ...
Marine Corps Colonel: Homeland Security Building “Domestic Army”
2013 08 15
A former Marine Corps Colonel who was stationed in Fallujah and trained Iraqi soldiers warns that the Department of Homeland Security is working with law enforcement to build a “domestic army,” because the federal government is afraid of its own citizens. The comments by the Colonel, whose identity remains unknown, were made during public testimony at a Concord City Council meeting ...
CIA Director Brennan Confirmed as Reporter Michael Hastings Next Target
2013 08 15
This week Elise Jordan, wife of famed journalist Michael Hastings, who recently died under suspicious circumstances, corroborated this reporter’s sources that CIA Director, John Brennan was Hastings next exposé project (CNN clip). Last month a source provided San Diego 6 News with an alarming email hacked from super secret CIA contractor Stratfor’s President Fred Burton. The email (link here) was ...
The Occult Symbolism of the Bronx Zoo
2013 08 14
A hidden body of ancient spiritual wisdom lies encoded in the architecture of the Bronx Zoo in New York City. It was put there by the architects and stonemasons who designed and built the zoo’s central structures at the turn of the last century. This wisdom is akin to the “lost” doctrine of the Freemasons and bears every evidence of ...
Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda
2013 08 14
In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences. The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in ...
Genetic switch to guard against escaped ’superviruses’
2013 08 14
It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood disaster movie: scientists tinker with a flu virus to make it more deadly, only for the mutant strain to escape and trigger a pandemic. Yet flu scientists are currently at loggerheads over experiments to make the H7N9 bird influenza virus that emerged in China earlier this year even more dangerous. Some argue that "gain ...
The Moon: An Unexplained Phenomenon
2013 08 13
Here is a collection of interesting quotes from scientists, authors, researchers, NASA insiders and star-gazers relating to the enigmatic and often inexplicable nature of the moon: Isaac Asimov, American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University and Science Fiction writer. Asimov was one of the most prolific writers of all time. "We cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Moon ...
This company provides fake protesters for your cause. (Real people, with signs)
2013 08 13
You’ve heard of “astroturf” but this is taking it to the next level. Have a cause which needs to to get some attention? Not to worry because Crowds On Demand will hook you up. For a few thousand dollars they’ll make your personal beef look legit. Chanting, indignation, the whole bit. “What do we want? Whatever you told us we wanted! When do ...
The CIA’s role in Hollywood - Tom Secker
2013 08 09
Secret agents are supposed to be secret but their existence is common knowledge. We know that they exist, but most people don’t know what they get up to, what they actually do. The main reason for this is that the conventional news media coverage of intelligence agencies focuses almost exclusively on them gathering information, portraying them as ...
The Serpent Scion: Mythic Traditions and the Brotherhood of the Snake
2013 08 12
That fabled moment when Eve, the first mythic wife of man and mother of all living, accepted fruit from the serpent will remain in infamy as the first great deceit of man by the snake. Of course, despite a rich history of symbolism attained by the lowly belly-crawler amidst its ancestry on Earth that predated his encounter with Adam’s wife, ...
One Way Astronaut - Mission To Mars
2013 08 12
The independent documentary ’One Way Astronaut’ follows four Mars One applicants set on colonizing red planet. Full video at
The Hegelian Dialectic and its use in Controlling Modern Society
2013 08 09
What exactly is the Hegelian Dialectic? Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a 19th century German philosopher who devised a particular dialectic, or, method of argument for resolving disagreements. His method of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments is a system of thought process still use to this day. To put it simply, the basis of Hegelianism dictates ...


Full Moon in Aquarius - Mercury in Virgo - Venus in Libra

The Full Moon in Aquarius is at 28 degrees on August 20th, 2013. It is the second full moon in the same sign within a thirty-day period (Blue Moon). Symbolically, and astrologically, Full Moons point to revelations or epiphanies experienced. Things you’ve been in the dark about are illuminated. The three days before, the day of, and the three days after this Full Moon in Aquarius, our awareness of “self” and “other” heightens.

Aquarius is an air sign which encourages us all to think outside the box and encourages ingenuity. The symbol of aquarius is the Water Bearer who pours water on the earth to wash away the old and make way for the new. This second Aquarius moon focuses on brilliance, innovation, independence, originality, technology, intellect, progressive ideas and being forward thinking.

Mercury is in Virgo from August 23-September 9. When Mercury is in Virgo, precision in speech, thought, and process is now important to us. This is a time when we analyze and decide what is useful and what we deem to be impractical. Mercury feels right at home in Virgo, one of the signs that it rules. Dealing with details is natural and easy now. We need to be careful that we don't lose perspective if we find ourselves lost in details. We should also be aware of the possibility of expressing ourselves in a too factual manner, so much so that we come across as dry, critical, or unimaginative.

Venus is in Libra August 16-September 11. We are more inclined to employ charm rather than aggressive behavior in order to get what we want during this cycle. Although Venus in Libra virtually lives for relationships, there is an air of cool detachment to this energy. We are very obliging with others--quite willing to negotiate and compromise. We can be especially idealistic about love. We prefer things be done the "right" way, and are turned off by aggressive or uncouth behavior. The shadow side of this position is dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, we could easily gloss over deeper issues at play in our relationships. It's probably best to avoid the trap of acquiescing to our partners but privately resenting the fact or thinking ourselves martyrs for doing so! This is also a time when we are more artistically inclined. We tend to seek balance in our personal environment.

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