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Susanne Posel - Mortgage Fraud & False Memory Implant
August 5, 2013
Susanne Posel is an investigative journalist and Chief Editor of OccupyCorporatism.com, an alternative news website dedicated to exposing the elite and their plans to globalize money, governments and people. She has expanded out to touch on all aspects of control the ruling Elite use to coerce the masses into compliance. And because of this fact Susanne believes that non-compliance is the answer to combating the New World Order. We discuss two main topics: A new US house bill will is designed to deepen the mortgage fraud and foreclosures. Susanne connects the dots to Agenda 21's land grab. She talks about Edward Bernays' propaganda, the bank for international settlements and planned obsolescence. In the second hour we speak about the MIT neuroscientists who are working hard to implant fake memories into your brain or to remove them entirely. The promoted excuse is to "cure" posttraumatic stress and simply erase memories that are considered to be too painful for soldiers. We discuss the disconnection that people have to their emotions, experiences and memories. This has now developed into a psychological disease. We discuss the deeper issues that is behind character development and how so called "negative" experiences make you who you are and can be tremendously important to build self-esteem and to give you a sense of achievement when you overcome the setbacks and challenges you face. We end on religion, the law of attraction and how the global elite have become obsolete.


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Inventor of ADHD: "ADHD is a fictitious disease"
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