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The Great Milky Way Black Hole
2006 04 26

By Christopher Moors |

Just as the expression of Creation is analogous to the exhale of a breath, so too the Great Milky Way Black Hole is the Inhale for the vastness that is the body of our Galaxy.

The only reason your conduit is able to interpret this is because the Great Black Hole re-reversed the messages and brought them to a place that could be understood in the Earth planet’s vernacular. Further translations to reach all who can be reached are up to others who will follow their divinely inspired inner inclination.

“Some of you are in danger of losing a grip on reality. Taking the conspiracy and the heavenly realizations too far, you have constructed an alternate and more complex matrix. Seeing your way back from this edge will be almost impossible if you are left to continue proving yourself right. Truth never feels like a fever. You will know who among you is aware because they are relaxed, good humored, and they listen. Seek them out and be with them.

Black holes are rejuvenators; giant tornadic vacuum cleaners that sweep space of all dissipating energy and turn it back around through the stars. Imagine the whole Universe with the stars as exhales (Shakti) and the black holes as inhales (Shiva); one gargantuan living entity warbling an ever-morphing plethora of realities.

There is more, but for now this will do.”

~Christopher Moors

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