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The Environment vs. Humanity
Overcome polarization or be engulfed in the final battle on earth
2005 03 20 - Updated: 2005 03 30

By Henrik Palmgren |

It's always either-or, isn't it? A "who's side are you on?" behind every new corner. I don't understand why it is so difficult to at least listen to all sides, combine the knowledge and then draw conclusions based on all available material. What is good for the environment is good for humanity.

If we make this subject a personal battle that we want to "WIN", then we have already lost.

Here it is, bluntly: Overpopulation = Scam, Global Warming (i.e. Human CO2 emissions) = Scam, Peak Oil = Scam

For decades the Illuminati Elite have suppressed free energy devices. And with the help of the whore mass-media ridiculed anyone who have solutions to problem concerning energy and diseases i.e. Nikola Tesla (J.P. Morgan bought him), Wilhelm Reich (CIA incarcerated him, he died in prison). There are many, many more, too many to list here. Plus all who never even reached the public eye or ear.

Why the changes?
We are in a period of planetary upheaval. There are things going on in the universe and consequently on the sun, that very well might be the source of these changes/upheavals. We are not sure how cosmic bursts of energy affect our sun/solar system. We admit that we don't understand the processes of this universe, yet humans are being blamed for the consequences??

The elite are playing us
Many are not ready to sacrifice their conveniences, and they shouldn't have to. This is just a transition period. I think we DO need to scrap combustion engine, burning oil IS bad for the ecology AND humans AND animals. Get rid of it now, I agree! But please follow up that oil phase-out with new energy solutions, so we don't end up in the past instead of the future.

"They" DO NOT want us to get thru this period of planetary upheaval without having us believe that WE are to blame. In a sense we are to blame because we give away the power to control our own lives. They have stolen it, and we allow that. I don't want to take the easy way out by blaming someone else but the fact is that "they" have gotten us into this situation because WE allow them to play us. We are guilty of being naive. Lazy trust without healthy questioning. We need to wake up!

The scenario that now is unfolding creates a sense of guilt. Hints in the electronic press connect wild-life pictures with headlines like: Senate Votes to Open Alaskan Oil Drilling, The oil under this wilderness will last the US six months. But soon the drilling will begin and Senate OKs Alaska wildlife refuge drilling. And this is just the most recent news events. The polarity is evident, it's the environment vs. humanity.

Who benefits?

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The big oil companies are only an expression of the attempt to control humanity. Oil was the product chosen to implement the method of control over humanity as Lindsey Williams said on the Jeff Rense Program in early February of this year.

I think the most important is how we react to the information. If we aren't aware we might subconsciously feel shame, guilt, disgust and disempowerment. Tired we lose hope in humanity. It's a "Problem - Reaction - Solution" type scenario. The solution seems to be first higher oil prices then some kind of depopulation program, as peak oil and overpopulation connections are being made. Let's not get scared into submission! Swift transportation is not something that will be "their" everyday life and our unattainable luxury!

The perverse twist is that there is very little or no mentioning of solutions. There is a very positive side to this change and I think it should be emphasized that there are a lot of new things out there that are being developed. Free energy research, magnetic trains, fuel cell & hybrid cars, electromagnetic propulsion systems, air cars and solarpaint are only a few. Information is suppressed and news is compartmentalized. The mass-media can't think outside the box, and I believe it never will again. It's bought and sold!

I believe nothing weakens the immune system more than stress and having a bad conscious. Consequently that will make you receptive to "new diseases", make you sick, get you on prescription drugs and running after flu shots. The elite often utilize one situation/event to obtain multiple goals. And this strategy might even be the begining of the depopulation right there?

On a spiritual level I think nothing could be more perfect to awaken humanity, this truly broadens our perception of reality and heightens our consciousness because it demands so much of us. "They" are not stupid and that's the beauty of it. It creates a global effort because it's a global tyrannical network. It creates a collective effort because it, in the end, involves everyone. No one can escape this because it's for real and nothing could unite our world more!

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