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Don't Buy the Hype
2005 03 17

By Fredrik Palmgren |

Are you scared of getting the latest deadly virus? - Please don't be...
These diseases are mutated in the wild and/or constructed in labs. (For some info. on that try - Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz) And they are real, people die from them. And in some cases they might have gotten into the population without the controllers planning it.

These new types of diseases like SARS and bird flu are being used in the same way as the fake terror threats, and as the upcoming ALIEN/UFO threat. It is all a scam to implement more ID-tagging, face-scanning, Human chipping, DNA and finger prints, Tighter border control (for so called "Legal" residents) to stop the spread of disease - forced vaccination and what have least in my's all fake!

now for some questions 2005.08.30...

What is in the vaccines they push for the bird & sars type viruses?

What can be so important that someone would put on such a big show, just to be able to place "it" into the human body?

Who orders the vaccins? & who makes the vaccins?
the beauty of it is that even if the population don't SWALLOW the bait "They" still make a large sum of money off the show (to finance the next scam? hi hi hi) and that straight out of the taxpayers pockets.
yet again we see that "the people" have all the "real" power, if you don't like it don't bye it - so wake up !!!

The only "REAL" way of getting rid of disease is - personal growth of spirit...get the old body some exercise, get on a vegan diet and most important, "Be still and know" you are the answer.

Like the stage magician fools the audience whit one hand, he uses the other to steal your watch. It's all about control. In these new times, you might think "they" would use new tactics for control. But "they" don't. "They" use the same type of mind control as been done for thousands of years. Fear - fear - fear. Why change the tactics when the opponents don't. It's what our "teachers" call...Problem - Reaction - Solution...thanks, Icke and others.

And we will probably see these lunatics try to use these new, constructed super bugs, in depopulation programs, or what we call war. "Depleted" uranium, fluoride, artificial sweeteners and what have you, is all part of the same war - "THEIR WAR". It's really a "civil war" and it's a part of the death, of the old system.
Please remember that you don't have to fight in - "THEIR WAR", cancel you membership in their false reality. You are eternal and free to do what you will, that is OUR reality. YOU are the "new age"...Thank you

peace&happiness-:-fredrik palmgren

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