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The Battle Has Begun; Will Shell Oil CEO Vow Support?

By Mitch Battros | ECTV

Well that didn’t take long. A Reuters article released earlier today sets out to scare you into war. The title itself sets the agenda. The title reads: “No Stopping Global Warming”. Gerald Meehl, spokesman for the National Center for Atmospheric Research states: “Even if people stopped pumping out carbon dioxide and other pollutants tomorrow, global warming would still get worse. Even if we stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations, the climate will continue to warm, and there will be proportionately even more sea level rise. The longer we wait, the more climate change we are committed to in the fut! ure."

I love it; how predictable can they be? Does this sound familiar? “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. The longer we wait, the more danger we are committed to in the future.” Now folks, please tell me you can see the pattern is so blatant, it obviously comes from a strategic playbook. Mark my words, this is phase II of the ‘Karl Rove’ style plan. Oh, you say “but Mitch, Karl Rove is a neo-con conservative, aren’t they against environmentalist?” Now you are starting to get the picture. It has become evident how well the Rove ‘strateegeree’ has worked far better than most would have ever realized. The best minds of the Democrat and Libertarian party were laid to rest by this monster manipulator. You know, the type who is so cunning, you walk away from a conversation only to realize five minutes later yo! u had been ripped to shreds in plain sight, and all done with a smile. Full Article

Folks, I’m telling you the corporate zealot neo-con’s ARE the environmentalist!!!! Yes I know…most of you did not catch the “watch the bouncing ball” technique when it was used on you with the Iraqi invasion as well. So please, step out of what you know, and dare to venture in what you don’t.

So let me make a rather reckless prediction right now. I would suggest within the next 12 months we will see the CEO of all the head oil companies, along with the ‘big three’ auto-makers, come forward with the full ambiance of a “white knight savior”.

***I believe Tuesday’s show with NASA/SOHO Deputy Director Dr. Pĺl Brekke was so important; I am making it free to all for the full weekend. All you have to do is click on “Listen Live” on the ECTV home page and you will hear the show. If you are not an ECTV member, DO NOT click on his name, it will throw you off the system. I am placing the show in a “loop” status, so when you tune-in it may be in the middle, end or beginning.

Article from: Earth Changes TV Newsletter

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