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Subtle Energy Revealed
2006 09 05

By Chris Lovelidge |

For thousands of years people all over the world have believed the body is surrounded by an energy field called subtle energy field (SEF) also named, Chi, Prana, and Orgone etc. Sensitives have been able to see this field but those without the gift had to accept their word. . Over time the nature of the SEF was gradually uncovered. It was found the energy is in constant motion; the movement and shape changed according to thoughts, emotions and even the physical condition of the body. There were also indications blockages in the flow related directly to disease or injury.

It is interesting to note all forms of energy healing, without exception as far as I know, use the same modus operandi: the manipulation of the SEF to clear blockages and return it to a healthy flow. Once the energy flows very often healing and even curing of a disease will follow to a greater or lesser degree. There is some question as to the relationship between curing and healing. Some say a wound or injury is healed and a disease is cured. However others say healing is of the mind and curing is of the body. Either way there is little doubt energy healing when applied correctly has a beneficial affect on the body and mind. As a Reiki Master my self I can feel the client relax as I work. Medical staff tells us when such modalities as Healing/Therapeutic Touch is used patients become relaxed, require less medication and recover faster.

It seems to me huge advances would be made if only the SEF was visible to everyone. Just imagine being able to actually see the SEF as it moves around and through the body - to view the blockages and condition of the field and compare it to the state of health of the client.

A New device has been developed in UK named ISIS, acronym for Intra Spectral Imaging System, that has the ability to reveal the SEF around people. We now know it contains some amazing data. It confirms the SEF is in constant motion and shows area of blockages where the flow has decreased or stopped. However, perhaps more significant are the indications blockages can be a precursor to disease, a remarkable confirmation and vindication of the ancient healers.

The system consists of a computer program, a dongle (a small encoding attachment to void copying) and an operation manual. Purchasers supply the camera, video or still, and the computer. To the right is a picture of a scan of a girl taken in UK, note the red areas indication high cellular activity over the brow and on the cheeks. The young lady has Sinusitis, the red enclosed area, (blockage) on the throat is a sore throat.

Healers are now able to show a before, during and after healing state of the SEF. Better still, healers would be able to see the blockages and concentrate on that particular area. Even better, medical researchers could compare the SEF with a diagnosis of a disease and eventually use the SEF as a non invasive diagnostic tool. Researchers have noted on occasion blockages that do not relate to disease or injury appear to be a precursor to disease so scans could be used to determine if a disease is developing and then prevent it from occurring There also appears to be a connection between a person's state of mind and this field. A recent scan of a man showed a large dark area above his head, it was void of energy, a remarkable picture and one not seen before. At the time there was no explanation but it was later discovered the man was suffering from clinical depression.

Above are scans of two different men, on the left a healthy young man fit and active with large areas of low cell activity in green. On the right a man in poor health with reduced lung capacity and muscle fatigue outlined by high activity in red.

The potential of ISIS as a research tool is remarkable. Already a scan has been made of an SEF in cohesive form free of and independent of a body, it was discarnate. I will not debate here the implications of that scan but I will invite each and every one of those reading this article to join me on a journey of discovery into the unknown. To reveal dimensions that have heretofore been unseen and to many, unknown.

Respectfully submitted for consideration

Chris Lovelidge
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