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Did the Holy Grail Exist? - The Grail Code and Hindu Kundalini how it affects Your Health
2006 03 19

By Philip Gardiner |

Article received from Light Eye

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Right now the whole world is going mad over the Da Vinci Code and its supposed secrets of the Holy Grail. Well, in fact there is a brand new book out called The Serpent Grail, which sets about proving that the grail was in fact a mixing bowl for the Elixir of Life. In fact, I am the main author of that book and I have gone several steps further and proven that the mixture of venom and blood from the snake actually boosts the immune system and thereby aided ancient man in battling off disease. But there was another level - a more psychological and some would say, spiritual level. This level became our "quest" for the grail and the ultimate enlightenment, or so it was thought. But there are dangers.

There is an ancient Hindu practice similar and linked to our modern concept of meditation. It is known as the Kundalini, which means coiled serpent and links through India to the literal mixing of venom and blood. Many of you reading this article will think they know all about the kundalini. However, can I ask you a simple question? Have you gone back to the root sources? Have you checked out what the original texts say? Or have you taken your knowledge from a modern book or website? Or listened to the so-called teachings of a modern swami who claims to be able to improve your mind? You see, what we today claim to be the kundalini is nothing like the original teachings at all. What we have actually done is to project our own desires and modern needs onto an ancient system and this has altered our perception of what the kundalini was. In fact, modern science can and has uncovered the effects of this process and has even pinpointed the electro-chemical reactions causing the blinding visions and "sense" of all-knowledge. It is however, dangerous!

This process is a very real effect caused by the mind in the mind of the individual following strict adherence to mental actions. It gives an almost narcotic effect in the mind and those who have had this so-called enlightenment then have trouble registering anything else as important. This effect becomes so controlling that they become a one system individual to the detriment of almost everything and everybody else. They claim that this, and this alone, is the answer to every strange phenomena from UFO’s to even the tilt of the earth’s axis. But because of this mental position they find themselves in they refuse to see anything else and even ordinary life becomes abhorrent. It is no better than the effects of being within a cult and that is a danger. And I can talk from experience, because I have infiltrated various secret societies and tested their initiations and methods of control - but I have remained balanced throughout, aware of the situation I was in.

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The kundalini is a great and powerful electro-bio-chemical effect in the mind, but it is not the only effect and it is not the only answer to life’s mysteries. Our ancestors, for those who have objectivity, saw life on a great many levels, from the cosmic and astronomical to the esoteric and truly Gnostic. Gnosticism isn’t, regardless of what some believe, all about the kundalini, this is a very specific Indian or Hindu practice and different methods are found across the globe. From a myriad of drugs to all-manner of mind control techniques by cults and secret societies, the mind can in fact lose it’s freedom to a single vision, said by those who claim to have had the effect as being freedom. This freedom is the same as those who claim freedom in the Moonies or any other controlling cult - it is in this respect self-hypnosis. The element missing profoundly from many who see this, and ONLY this as the answer is balance, a term used repeatedly by our ancestors and most of the time not in relation to the kundalini. Once "achieved" or even they claim, by accident, the kundalini enlightenment supposedly gives all-knowledge to the individual. Well I challenge anyone who has experienced it to pass on some of this "all-knowledge". The fact is they can't, because this is a "sense" of knowledge, much like the "sense" of ghosts or presence of God - it is a electro-chemical reaction just as easily brought on by sun-stroke as meditation.

The kundalini is a magical system, it can be a free system, if it is controlled properly and is in balance. Raising oneself upwards to the highest level of kundalini enlightenment can be a remarkable thing - but staying there makes one aloof and arrogant. The great avatars of the past came back down to earth and helped mankind with their insights - many remained and remain aloof. This position is nothing better than a religion and a cult. It leaves those who claim to have experienced a blinding light and then attribute it and other experiences to the kundalini, with a lie. It is a HUMAN condition and it is seen across time and across the world. It has many names, but it is not just the kundalini. The reason that those claiming to have experienced the kundalini often do not pass on their so-called knowledge is because they simply do not have it in the first place.

Since writing The Serpent Grail I have been contacted by numerous people who have actually had severe mental problems as a result of the kundalini (or their perception of it in these modern times). These problems range from divorce to suicide and I have with the aid of a top psychologist been working to help these individuals. We have found that the electro-magnetic-chemical effect in the brain is stimulated via various methods and causes a disfunction in certain parts of the brain. The white light or blinding flash adherants speak of is the same as the light seen by those experiencing the near death phenomena or as I said before, sun-stroke. In each case the individual "believes" he has had an ephinany or been given another chance. In each case the spiritual life of the individual is improved or adjusted. Rationality, logic and objective thought seem secondary. These are not my words, but the findings of a rigorous series of psychological tests we put these subjects through. Thankfully now we are in a process of "cult-breaking" these individuals from their own internal lie. The process, the sense and the visions are perfectly in-line with evolution, as a survival and reward system, but not as a system of contacting God.

The moral of the story - there is never only one answer to any issue. Listen to others, read and learn. Modern eyes are different to our ancestors and we see things through a different set of circumstances. All things must be in balance and to step to one side - the kundalini - then we tip our own world’s axis. Objectivity is something most of us do not have.

Most of the world is truly in the dark, kept there by propaganda and mind manipulation. We feed on the greed of TV and advertising as if there were little else. And yet, beneath the weight of this poison the real self resides. Freeing this intuitive self if the key to what our ancestors spoke of, for freeing our mind from darkness reveals a world of light. This is true enlightenment.

Philip Gardiner is a best selling author, researcher and TV personality. His websites can be found at, and

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