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Daniel Tatman - Palladian Genesis - Part Two
February 8, 2009

Daniel Tatman, author of the upcoming "The Bath Mystery's" joins us for part two of our "Palladian Genesis" discussion. We begin to talk about the common roots of the Greecian and Egyptian "civilizations", we discuss the Assyrians and Sumerian roots. We move on to talk about the Hebrew people, Temple of Solomon, the Renaissance and ancient art, symbolism and architecture. Topics Discussed: Greece, Civilization and Conquest, Invasion of Iraq, Shamash, Orders of Columns, Ubaid, Pre-Summerian, Phaistos Disc, Renaissance, Baroque Architecture, Dingir, Temple of Solomon as the blueprint for Palladian style and the similarities with Churches, Law Buildings and Court Houses. We also talk about the Hyksos, the Hebrew or Jewish People. We round things up to tie these subjects to Isaac Newton's alchemical work and John Wood's Architecture in Bath. Don't miss this excellent part two of our Palladian Genesis conversation. Part one available here.

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Pre-Order the Book "The Bath Mystery's" at daniels e-mail address:


Ubaid period


Akkadian Empire

Sargon of Akkad

Ancient Mesopotamian Temple Building In Historical Texts And Building Inscriptions

Etruscan architecture

Gary Biltcliffe - The Legacy of the Etruscans (Video)



Pillars of the sons of Seth


Palladian architecture

Classical order



Phaistos Disc

Baroque Architecture

Linear B (Knossos)

Solomon's Temple


Isaac Newton

John Wood, the Elder

Newton: The Dark Heretic


Pre-Order Daniel's Book "The Bath Mystery's" at: dantatman@tiscali.co.uk

The Genius of the Few by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien

Shedu - Human-headed Winged Bull

Dur Sharrukin


Dingir Evolution


Sky Map of Nineveh




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