January 28, 2011 

January 25, 2011
Gary Vey - The Never Ending, HAARP, Yemen & The Ark of the Covenant

January 21, 2011
James Corbett - Geopolitics, Eugenics & Depopulation
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Upcoming Guests Include: George Kavassilas, Anthony Peake with Tom Campbell, Robert Felix, Aaron Franz, John Perkins, Peter Levenda, Jay Weidner, Richard Dolan, Timothy Good, Alex Putney, Loren Coleman, Tracy Twyman, John Major Jenkins, Professor Griff, Semir Osmanagich & Nigel Kerner with Andrew Silverman.

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January 28, 2010

NEW: Red Ice TV - Episode 4 - Symbolism in Logos
This episode was filmed in Bath and Bristol, England featuring special guests such as Michael Tsarion, Neil Hague, Ralph Ellis, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Dan Tatman and Peter Taylor. We also interview a priest, university students, teachers and of course a couple random pub interviews. We begin the show discussing the symbolism of two major corporations, Starbucks and Apple. What is really being said in logos?

Top News This Week
Egypt unplugs Internet as protests loom; "unprecedented in Internet history"
2011 01 28
About a half-hour past midnight Friday morning in Egypt, the Internet went dead. Almost simultaneously, the handful of companies that pipe the Internet into and out of Egypt went dark as protesters were gearing up for a fresh round of demonstrations calling for the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30-year rule, experts said.
A Freeman in Court - Judge Bows to Sovereign in Canada
2011 01 27
From Description: The key is simply know who you are, stay in honour and stand your ground peacefully. I was in "court" because I parked mine or my wife's conveyance on my Sovereign land (i.e.) lawn. No ticket, straight to a court summons issued on a fictitious entity. On and for the record this file was ...
Consciousness Drives the Universe
2011 01 24
Outstanding video which depicts that consciousness is what drives and shapes everything. This means ultimately everything in the universe and that even matter is consciousness in the most subtlest and dense form. Be careful what you think... It might come true. This video has David Lynch, David Icke, Gregg Braden, Grant Morrisson, Michael Talbot, ...
Vatican's Secret Approval Of GMOs - WikiLeaks Unveils
2011 01 24
As the debate over whether or not GMOs are fit for public consumption waxes hotter all over the world, the Catholic Church has been conspicuously silent on whether or not it endorses this biotechnology.Despite this attempt to remain publicly neutral, WikiLeaks recently uncovered a transmission from Christopher Sandrolini, a U.S. diplomat to the Holy See, that demonstrates the Vatican's clandestine ...
Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012
2011 01 24
Earth could be getting a second sun, at least temporarily. Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, outlined the scenario to news.com.au. Betelgeuse, one of the night sky’s brightest stars, is losing mass, indicating it is collapsing. It could run out of fuel and go super-nova at any time. When that happens, for at least a ...
British Geological Survey: Magnetic reversal may now be in progress
2011 01 23
According to the British Geological Survey (BGS), we could now be headed into a magnetic reversal, thus validating the premise of both Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps. The South Atlantic Anomaly is growing and spreading westwards from South Africa as the Earth’s internal magnetic field rapidly weakens in this region, says this article on ...
The Sun Rose 2 Days Early in Greenland
2011 01 22
Residents of a town on the western coast of Greenland may have seen the sun peek over the horizon 48 hours earlier than its usual arrival on Jan. 13, sparking speculation, and disagreements, over possible causes. The town of Ilulissat sits just above the Arctic Circle, meaning its residents had been without any sunlight for a good chunk of the winter, ...
Earth & Space

New Moon in Aquarius - February 2, 2011

The New Moon on February 2-3 2011 is at 13 degrees Aquarius. It is sandwiched between Ceres and Mars. The dwarf planet Ceres represents mother nature, growth, grain crops, grieving and the bond between mother and child. She is the growth of a seed into maturity, and then it`s separation and preparation for re-birth. This might mean the cycle of human life; from a seed - to a baby - to a maiden - to a mother; or that of agriculture and grain in particular. She is a symbol for separation and dying, and the mourning and grieving that goes with it, but she is also the energy that is with us as we prepare for re-birth, a new beginning or a re-generation. The earliest civilizations believed that the human soul went through a cycle of death and rebirth just like corn does. Her myth is one of many concerning the death and re-birth of vegetation, and it exists to encourage us to believe that human life does not end in death.

Mars is the push that gets us out of bed in the morning, our drive and desire nature, and our active energy. When we are "acting out" our Mars, we are assertive, directed, forthright, and adventurous. Mars is the animal nature of man. On the negative side, we can be impulsive, rash, impatient, aggressive, and forceful. Ceres and Mars are two different modes of operation. Mars is courageous, brash and selfish, but it is not really about possession. It just wants to win for winnings sake and because he enjoys the fight. It can easily dispose of it’s winnings and go onto the next project forgetting it even happened. Ceres on the other hand IS just as possessive as her son-in-law Pluto. If she doesn’t get what she wants, her grief is so profound that she is very likely to wreak havoc in her revenge. Again a trait similar to Pluto. If we were to make a choice for an easy life, I think we wouldn’t want Ceres too loose. This lady will hold that grudge forever. The only thing is that Mars will not back down till he wins. Its a catch 22 situation.

So this is a fight for who gets the baby. The baby could be a creative project, a relationship or literally a child. There is some really daring energy to play with here. It might be just the right time to get the guts to do something crazy for the sake of what is good. Mars is ramping up the Moon’s passions after all. The air is ripe for fools to throw themselves off the cliff. The overall message from this Moon seems to be to pick the right moment and hold back from doing anything foolish and impulsive. The temptation to not look before you leap will be great however. Whatever “babies” we are gestating in our mind now, it might be safer to keep them under wraps until this bi-polar period is over. But if you really can’t help yourself, just be prepared for a game of Russian roulette.

Surface (DVD)

A marine biologist, an insurance salesman and a teen-aged boy find their lives fundamentally changed by the emergence of a new, and often dangerous, species of sea life, while government agents work to keep the affair under wraps.

This TV series encompasses implications of genetic engineering, modern biotechnology, depopulation, underground bases and government conspiracy. We were disappointed that it only lasted one season!

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